Outstationer's Diary

The Out Stationer’s Dairy

Written by Mahak Dutt

There are times when I hear my friends asking me “So how do you find life in the big city?” or sometimes they envy me when they say, “These outstation students can party for as long as they wish to, I wish I was one.” While some people just pity me when they say “Oh, you live alone…Sarra kaam akele hi karna padta hoga na?” We all have that one relative or a family friend who keeps us calling at their place and have one permanent complaint, “Why don’t you come over sometime?” And we have one permanent excuse “I don’t have any time”; even if we spend the entire day sleeping warm in our beds.

One good thing is ‘A home outside the home’. While we give the title of ‘THE HOME’ to the one where our parents live, we also build a new home for ourselves in our hostels. There are various notions which come to my mind when the word HOSTEL comes in because it is the place where you get to meet people from various backgrounds who are very different from each other yet you learn to mingle with them. Sometimes people crib about the kind of roommates that you have got while some consider themselves the luckiest persons on earth to get their kind of people as a roommate. There are people who bitch about each other, some are total geeks who study everyday and take part in the all the college activities; nevertheless there are always some people who are total party freaks and don’t care much about anything else . A big marker of difference is between the outstation boys and girls. Freedom has different meanings for both boys and girls. Freedom for boys could be partying outside the way they like, watching a whole lot of television series while freedom for girls could be dressing up the way they like, apparently they have also started to participate in selfie marathons where clicking selfies has become more important than enjoying while you are out. Time limit of the hostel is another issue for out stationers…but who cares? Another thought which bothers every outstation student almost every month is the heavy amount of rent that one has to pay to the landlords. Nevertheless, amidst all other not-so-good things there lies a hidden fact that hostel life gives a boost to people’s personality because it is then when you become friends with people who could be total opposites of you, from different social backgrounds, of different age groups, this is when you start to grow. People start to realize this when the hostel life comes to an end.

Delhi University has turned into an ultimate youngster hub where people from all over the country take admission into different colleges. There are again two extreme ends- On one end there lies the north campus which is the dream destination for every student of India as it comprises of most of the top colleges of the university like SRCC, Stephens, Hindu among others. These colleges have a happening campus life as many events are held over there by eminent personalities from all over the country; which in turn fascinates the students. On the other end lies the south campus which has only few reputed colleges and the idea of campus life has not been that much prominent. However there are many places where the students can hang around, different clubs, malls, movie theatres, restaurants and food joints. If you are and out stationer and a food lover then Delhi is a paradise for you. It is famous among the masses not only for its historical significance or as the national capital territory but also for its food. From the elite five star hotels to the crowded streets of chandni chowk, from the fine dine-in restaurants to the street food of West Delhi; the city suits all budgets and has a lot more to offer.

Apart from every delicacy that it offers, there is a lot more that it can give you. As an individual more than independence and freedom living outside gives you a responsibility, a serious outlook towards life, you start caring about your family and friends even more. You come across so many new people and new opportunities that you actually start to evolve and develop as a person coming out of the little bubble that you were living in till now. It gives you a new perspective to look at your life as you step into the real world.

On the other hand, even though you live alone taking care of yourself, creating a whole new little world of your own which you enjoy living in; thinking that ‘If I would have stayed in my city, there would not have been a single chance of my life being so much amazing.’ ;still there are some people and memories whom you remember at the back of your mind, those old friends in your school or those arrogant teachers whom you came across earlier in your lives whom you laugh at in the present. None the less you should never forget that it is your family because of whom you are living such a life, it is because of their trust and hopes in you. Even though we have an awesome college life we all miss our families and school life sometimes. And as they say, ‘Home is where the heart is’.


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