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St. Stephen’s Principal Accused of Forced Conversion

Written by Ekta Rawat

Valson Thampu, principal of St. Stephen College has been accused by Shubha Dash an administrative officer and a Hindu Brahmin for trying to forcefully convert him to Christianity.

However according to Thampu , the officer is playing the communal card to take advantage of the favorable climate for he didn’t reply to Dash’s SMSs complaining against the acting principal for sending a person from his staff on official work.

Asked to justify his allegations, Dash said that he didn’t send any drunk messages and that he has been threatened that his career would be shattered if he sticks to the allegations.

Thampu , who has been working with St. Stephen’s since 1973 said that he has not converted anyone or discussed religion with anyone and his stand on conversion is in public domain. Reacting to the same , DU’s administrative Officer’s Association has demanded a meeting with principal. DU teachers have come out in support of administrative officer in this matter.


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