Spiritual Faith

Spiritual Faith
Written by Saurabh Sinha

Spiritual Faith’ seems more comprehensive. Faith is analogue of trust, so it was not condensed and ‘spiritual faith’ makes the title more profound. To be spiritual you must relate to another person’s feelings and beliefs rather than their physical embodiment. When you are spiritual you are nurturing another emotion, i.e., fear. To be more subtle, fear has given rise to spiritual faith. Humans have always feared something which has been beyond their comprehension and they have had no knowledge of how to make it docile. They always wonder what instigated this universe, this nature and this life and they have never been able to solve the enigma of death. All these questions are a part of a conundrum which humans have never been able to solve with their grey cells. So humans think that what’s unbeknown to them is superior to them and they started harbouring the fear, moulding it into yet another emotion, devotion. Eventually they started worshipping this unknown, giving it a physical form, encasing their devotion in parchment, cloth, rock, statues, book, etc. They phrased this unknown as God, someone who should be worshipped so as that power is always generous towards mankind and never bring any natural calamity upon them. Civilisations were established; spiritually beleaguered societies which we still are a part of. If providence has its say in everyday activities of ours, then we surely need to fear its judgement on our all actions, but then atheists should have died on their very first ever independent thought. Humans have always been besieged by this fear and thus rather pondering over our sinful actions we try pleasing the providence by seeking their forgiveness and sacrificing animals or performing ridiculous rituals. Do believe in feelings of others but don’t believe in fear, it will lead one astray. Believe in what is good, but never fall for lower teachings as once went down that road, your mind is the toughest hurdle you need to accomplish to return back.


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