Speak Out: Before You Become Silent Forever

Written by Shivali Verma

Life in 21st century seems a transition. Isn’t it??? Cyclone of advancement is blowing at a very high pace. Whether political, technological, cultural or social, every sector has gone through and even today experiencing the phase of development. Globalization has resulted in numerous remarkable positive changes within the nation. But on turning the coin and glancing on the other side on this coin make us observe the impacts of dazzling trend of western culture being imbedded on to the sturdy walls of national tradition.

        India was known as a “golden bird” in the ancient times for the rich cultural heritage it once had but the acclamation of the western culture is all set to ruin the rich cultural status it shared in the past. In the country like India, where “woman” is given the status of “the goddess” and is being worshipped since ancient times, she has now become the victim of the ruthless behavior of the society. She is being brutally killed in the initial stages of her life, beaten and even burnt by her in-laws for petty dowry issues, being the victims of stalking, sexual assault, rapes and the list goes on.

She has become mere the victim of such heinous crimes, nothing else. This  astonishing increase in the number of crimes against women  in the heart of the cities are asking the people to sit back and think , to realize and attribute the reasons behind the flaws in their moral values even after being a part of the rich cultured country. Even more heartening is the response of the people towards such incidents. Their heart do beat a bit faster for a second, they do feel sorry for the victims and showcase an expression of disgust towards the evil doer.

 But I question “Is that all”??? Can’t you do anything beyond that? What is the difference between you who actually read about crimes and the one who is ignorant towards it??? No doubt, hundreds of people turn out on roads with the lightning candle in their hands, courage in their hearts and loud voice on their lips to protest for justice, but this constitutes only a small fraction of the 1.2 billion population of the country. Being couch potato doesn’t work. You never know you yourself might be a victim or may be your loved ones.

People, wake up! This is the high time to peep within ourselves, to step forward, attribute the flaws in our moral values, raise our voice against these heinous acts and combat it.



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