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SNAP – Annual Fest By Vivre, Film and Photography Society of Hindu College

Snap-a fest by vivre Hindu College Delhi University
Written by Himshikha Mahla

Vivre, the film and photography society of Hindu College, University of Delhi, celebrated its annual fest SNAP on 15th and 16th April 2014. The fest started with a small exhibition which took place at the Bharat Ram Centre of the college. The pictures kept for display at the exhibition were certainly mesmerizing. The hall was crowded with people from different colleges both staff and students. Following the exhibition was the inaugural talk which was conducted by Mr. William Chang, an award winning photographer. The talk was about photography as a discipline and it illuminated all those who witnessed it.

“The way Mr. Chang spoke was excellent .I mean not only professional photographers but any newcomer can get to learn a lot about photography by just listening to him once” said vignesh , a vivre member. The last event of the day was an interactive discussion, which started late in the evening. The discussion was intense and saw a high level of participation. The 2nd day of the event was a hustle bustle with many people coming.  The 1st event of the day was a talk by Zaid Ali Khan. He is currently directing a film called khwaab and his talk revolved around his film and aspects of photography.

The day finally ended with a small workshop conducted by Canon. The workshop was exciting and many newbies in the field of photography gave their presence to it. Thus the fest ended up attracting people not only from our own college but also from other colleges and universities as well. “It was heaven for all photographers on this earth” said an excited participant while leaving.


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