Smile While You Have Teeth

Written by Siwangi Ronjan

My favorite writer of all time William Shakespeare once said “Smiling faces don’t mean that there is absence of sorrow but it means that they have the ability to deal with it.” It my most favorite and embraced line said by him. This line soothes and smoothes everything with its wonderful meaning. It automatically brings a smile on one’s face. It’s really true and very well said as to be happy or experience happiness you don’t need a big reason or some person on whom you have to depend to get it, you can always be happy if YOU want to be; and being happy doesn’t at all means that his/her life is perfect but it means that they are able to handle it things with care and ease. This is the exact attitude which we require to lead a positive life.

                                  Smile is the most wonderful and powerful thing ever gifted to human beings. Just one feel of it and all your pricks soothe up. One sight of it and a sad face can light up. It costs nothing and can give everything to the person who loves you the most in this entire universe as the one who considers you everything in their  world , for them ; your smile is more precious than diamonds  and your happiness cost and matters  the most to them . They will forget all their miseries seeing just one glittering smile of yours and they will do anything to get just one little glimpse of it.

         We have heard the line ‘Living in the moment’ numerous times but we don’t follow it in our daily life, do we? We always get caught up in uncertainties as to what will happen in future, what will happen to us. We keep on controlling things; governing things to make our life perfect according to the terms of the world so that we can keep up with its pace and doing this superficial things we somewhere suppress our internal glee and hence we loose the sensitivity to feel the most important human emotion i.e. happiness . Its right if my rational mind says that these philosophies linger in texts while in this real , harsh world in order to survive we have to get along with its ways and match its pace .It’s absolutely reasonable , we require these worldly requirements , we cannot just renounce these things and try to search that life what they used to have in Golden Days but we pressurize ourselves too much and due to this constant nagging our dreams present somewhere in our hearts just suppresses itself and we are left lost . So instead of suppressing our dream, why not set it free, why not let it breathe and why not smile while we have teeth because you only live once.


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