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My Sister’s Keeper

Written by Aashi Srivastava

Director: Nick Cassavetes

Genre: Drama

Writer: Nick Cassavetes, Jeremy Leven

Role play: Cameron Diaz as Sara                                                                                   Abigail Breslin as Anna

                    Sofia Vassilieva as Kate                                                                               Jason Patric as Brian

                    Evan Ellingson as Jesse                                                                               Alec Baldwin as Campbell

Based on novel by Jodi Picoult: – “My Brother’s Keeper “.


2009 Teen Choice Award-Choice Summer Movie Drama(My Sister’s Keeper)

2009 ALMA Award-Outstanding Actress in Motion Picture(Cameron Diaz)

2010 Young Artist Awards-Best Performance in a Feature Film – Leading Young Actress(Abigail Breslin)

Best Performance in a Feature Film – Supporting Actor(Brennan Bailey)

Best Performance in a Feature Film – Supporting Actress (Sofia Vassilieva)


Director Nick Cassavetes collaborates with screenwriter Jeremy Leven (The Notebook) for this drama about a pair of parents who resort to unorthodox methods in order to save their young daughter’s life, only to find their decision coming back to haunt them in a manner neither could have ever foreseen. Sara (Cameron Diaz) and Brian (Jason Patric) are coasting through life with their young son and daughter when tragedy threatens to tear the family apart. Suddenly, their baby girl falls ill, and her only hope for survival rests in her parents’ ability to find a compatible bone marrow donor. Desperate to save their daughter’s life at any cost, Sara and Brian conceive another child hoping that the baby will be a genetic match. But that decision raises a series of moral and ethical questions that rapidly begin to erode the foundation of the once-happy couple’s relationship. Incensed upon learning that she was brought into this world for the singular purpose of prolonging the life of her ailing older sister, the young girl (Abigail Breslin) ultimately decides to sue her parents for the rights to her own body.


Cameron Diaz plays Sara Fitgerald, who along with her husband Brian (Jason Patric), makes the decision of genetically engineering a child who will be a direct match to their leukemia-stricken 2-year-old daughter Kate. Abigail Breslin plays the engineered child at age 11. Her name is Anna, who since the age of 5, has had blood taken from her and been put through medical procedures to help keep Kate alive. Anna loves Kate, played as a teenager by Sofia Vassileva, but when her parents want to give Kate one of Anna’s kidneys, Anna finally says enough. Sure that no one is looking out for her interests, Anna hires a lawyer (Alec Baldwin) and sues for the right to her own body. Sara, a woman who has made caring for Kate her full-time job, is upset while Brian understands. Meanwhile, Kate feels guilty that her disease is tearing the family apart.

The movie uses flashbacks (such as Kate being diagnosed as a young child, her parents being given the choice of invitro, and a very young Anna disturbingly forced into operations) and forwards (Kate lying in a hospital bed, looking at a scrapbook of her family) that add dimension. As do the switching of narrators, each character getting a chance to offer their points of view and feelings about how the diagnosis, and everything after it, has effected them.

“My Sister’s Keeper” is as surprising and heartfelt a piece of work as I’ve seen all year long, and the acting is about as good as it comes.


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