Being a Single Parent

Single parent
Written by Kanika Sachdeva

A single parent is single in the eyes of rest of the world but in the eyes of the child, that single parent is the universe. An unfortunate circumstance such as ineludible separation or untimely death of one of the two partners forces the other into single parenthood. One becomes a single parent by situation and not by choice in most of the cases. World has acknowledged this fact that being a single parent is one of the toughest tasks to handle. A single mother has to play twin roles of a mother as well as of a father and the same goes for a single father. No wonder how much they are burdened with responsibilities.

A child seeks love from his parents as a whole. But when the word “parents” reduces to a “single parent”, child realizes the quantum of vacuum created in his life. Time management is to be dealt with utmost care under this situation. When the responsibilities related to the needs of the child increases with the age, financial stress also increases in the life of the single parent. Here the single parent stands at crossroads where he or she has to decide which road to choose out of them, considering the fact one leads him to a path where he needs to devote ample time to work and the other where the parent needs to devote ample time to the kid. A child is very inquisitive and demands answer to all his questions. A single parent has to be ultra-careful while handling these questions. Initial phase of parenting has adverse effects on physical and mental health of both- the child and the parent. Usually lack of patience and anger contribute to the bad health of the affected family. A child starts thinking why out of all, is he the most unfortunate and this is where love and affection of the parent needs to cast a spell on the negative thoughts of the child. Be it any situation, the single parent should be able to see the good side of every situation and make the child see it. Initial phase of single parenting is difficult but as the time passes by, conditions undergo a positive change. Things start to get normal day by day.

Agreed, a single parent has to go through innumerable hardships but somewhere the truth also lies in the fact ‘everything in this world happens for a reason’ and every problem has a solution.

Happy parenting!


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