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Shruti – the Annual Fest of IP College!

Written by Tahira Noor Khan

Like me, in the minds of all the first year students the “Fest fever” has set by now.
What happens in a fest? What  does one get to do?
etc.. etc ..the list of questions is a long one.
I have pestered my seniors with  innumerable questions about our college fest – Shruti. And yes, the description sounds exciting!
Standing in long queues for arranging passes, to deciding a month in advance what to wear in DJ night, are the first things that come to a girls mind.
Our fest is three day long, loaded with all sorts of brilliant activities – debating, quizzes to dance competitions, one has it all!
Some of the favourites of “IPietes” are DDF, Chauraha and the sensational  performance by Afroza – the dancing society of IPCW.
DDF is the Delhi Dance Fever, where students from various colleges like IIT Delhi, LSR, Hindu, Miranda come with their dancing shoes on and put the stage on fire.

Oops, the pool!
These performances happen inside the emptied swimming pool of the college. It is definitely in the bucket list of everyone of us for the coming fest.

Chauraha happened on the second day of fest. It was a mind-boggling  annual production by Abhivyakti, the dramatics society of the college where the Drama society of other colleges come with their mesmerizing  performances to give a tough fight.

Now  that thing for which each one of us  is keeping their fingers crossed – the DJ night and the Star Night.
The excitement of who is coming on the star night is always huge. Girls wish their favourites come and when their wish comes true, they are on cloud nine! Last year on star night Rock Veda band  came to perform in our college and enchanted the students with their songs. Singers like Kailash Kher and the rock band Euphoria come to our college fest.

All in all, Shruti (IP College) witnessses some of the best talents to look forward to.


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