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Shopping is Always a Good Idea

Written by Nawal Ali Watali

 “The odds of going to the store for a loaf of bread and coming out with only a loaf of bread are three billion to one.”  – Erma Bombeck

I have nothing to wear, says a woman standing in front of a closet full of clothes. Women are known for their ability to shop for hours and hours, days and days. Women never miss an opportunity to shop, keeping in mind their budget…or…not.  No matter of what country, religion or Occupation, women are always ready for shopping, they love shops and shops love them in return. Be it apparels, cosmetics, footwear, bags, jewellery women is a second word for shopping. However, the question still remains, WHY women love to shop. This is a question on which everyone ponders on. There ought to be some reason to this. Well, NEED is the basic reason , every time women are in need of something or the other.

Here are 10 reasons why women shop too much:

  1. We women always want to be in sync with the latest fashion and trends, which means we have to SHOP for the latest apparels, cosmetics etc.. And when one trend goes out of fashion we get bored and want something new in our closet.
  2. India is a multi festival country. Different festival demands different kind of clothing, accessories, footwear. We are no where responsible for these many number of festivals we HAVE  to celebrate and well, we need clothes for that.
  3. I’m BORED! Well lets go for shopping. Boredom comes to everyone quite easily, and the solution to this boredom, for women is shopping. It’s easy,  dress up, pick up your keys and head towards the nearest shopping center.
  4. SALES! End season sales, obviously no one is stupid enough to miss a sale, then why women. They never miss a great opportunity to shop, well, keeping their budget in mind this time. And it’s not just sales, women stuff are available at the cheapest rates possible, and with experience, bargaining powers comes to a women. Be it Sarojini Nagar, Lajpat Nagar, Janpath…not even a single woman’s closet is full of just branded stuff.
  5. RESPONSIBILTY. Well, married women have responsibility to shop for their kids and their house as well. So this is why you find women in shopping centres so much. Now if we are out to shop why not take the opportunity and but a LITTLE stuff for ourselves as well.
  6. SOCIETY. We are a part of bigger society where other people exist as well. We become jealous of someone really quickly and envy comes to us really easily. We see someone wearing a perfect ring, we want it. So its simple, go out and we end up buying it. And its not just this. Celebs, their blingy new trendy clothes is what encourages us woman to shop and dress up like that.
  7. If women have a black dress and a black footwear well, good to go, but it’s too black, now she wants a golden footwear. What about a bracelet. Lets buy it, now she wants a clutch too. Well, the cycle goes on and on.
  8. ONLINE SHOPPING coupled up with fast internet is one of the important reasons. Bored of facebook/twitter, what to do..Lets sneak in jabong. Oh, that bag is pretty, lets buy it
  9. “I got selected for an interview”, “I received my salary”,“wow I passed my semester” this needs a celebration, lets shop.For women, happiness comes along with desire to shop.
  10. We are WOMEN. This itself explains why we shop. Doesn’t it?

So women around the world, never give up the shopaholic you have inside of you and go on looking for new stores, fashion, sales and keep on shopping. Because there’s to much to shop, and too little time.You Live Only Once, ladies.
There is no harm in shopping, although sometimes you REALLY need to press that pause button.

“Shopping is really complicated if you are a girl.”
-Helen Salter, Does Snogging Count as Exercise

Happy Shopping!


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