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The Seventh Seal : Review

The Seventh Seal Review Du Khabar
Written by Akansha Singh

Death is a word that freezes our mind when thought of. Since childhood we have been listening time and again that death is inevitable. There has not been a single person so far who has deceived death. Have you ever thought of decepting death? Not one of us can deny that we have never thought about what death actually is? Why, how or when does it come? Thinking about these things in today’s date is not off the beaten track, But thinking about something like this and not just thinking but also producing these thoughts effectively through media is too bohemian for the yesteryears film-makers. I am talking about one of the classics in the history, a movie that succeeded in giving an insight to what death means, ‘The Seventh Seal’.

So far I hope the description of the movie must have created a vent for the outburst of your pagan emotions, but no sooner will I let you know that it is a movie, which belongs to the genre of the black and white era, the bubble of that interest gets destroyed. This does not imply to every one of us, but the majority of the youth in today’s date prefers to watch only the latest movies released. What I am trying to ascertain here is that we must make a good choice as to which movies should be watched and vice-versa. Not that all the movies being made today are destructive but in this world of cut-throat competition we must try our best to watch those movies mostly which would help us broaden our spectrum of thinking. ‘The Seventh Seal’ is one of a kind. It was made in the year 1957 and has been directed by Ingmar Bergman. The movie revolves around Black Death era. The protagonist of the movie is a knight who is returning from the crusades his journey. The knight is a wonderful chess player and one fine day while he was playing chess all alone he finds a devilish figure in front of his eyes, which is Death. When Death asks the knight to come with him on account of his time on the earth getting over, the knight challenges Death in the game of chess.

The whole movie shows how this game of chess continues. The game of chess is somewhat shown here as a metaphor of the knight’s life. We see how wisely the knight acts throughout his journey by keeping himself away from the evil, the Death. This scene has been shown very well towards the end of the movie. No special effects as such have been used in the movie owing it to be amongst the genre of black and white movies. But the cinematography of the movie is at it’s best. The way and the time of the appearance and the disappearance of Death, the way the crowd of flagellants interrupt the play being staged and so on forces us to be amazed and to peer through the genres of the latest movies being watched by us these days. The movie also tells us about the beliefs of the people in the ancient days. It makes us acquainted with the concept of ‘plague’ and ‘ritual scapegoat’; the latter being remedy of the former.
‘The Seventh Seal’ is a must watch for those who are tired of watching the mainstream movies and want to go for a detour. Watch it to unveil the secrets of the existence of god and death. Watch it and explore the self within you.



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Akansha Singh

Akansha Singh is a student of Sri Venkateswara College, University of Delhi, pursuing majors in English and is an aspiring journalist. She likes to read books and watch movies. Writing poems is her passion. An extrovert by temperament, she loves to speak through her pen.

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