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Sayonara To 2014 Batch, Miranda House

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Written by Medha

Every beginning has an end, and every end is a new beginning. Life is a cycle which we experience in every aspects of our life. The meeting and departing are two sides of a coin in human life and farewell parties are held to say goodbye and pray to god for their better future and wish them luck in whatever the future holds

Miranda House bid adieu to the 2014 batch of ladies who had tears of separation in their eyes and hopes of a bright future. A farewell party was organised on 4th of April, 12.30 onwards in the college campus to make some of their last moments in the college happy and memorable.

Department of all the science and arts subjects organized their farewell separately in the different rooms allotted to them. All the third year students were invited and the party was organized by 1st and 2nd year students.

Farewell to the Maths Department student was given in the room 305.The room was creatively decorated with paper cup hangings and with balloons. The juniors sang songs and narrated poems for the seniors. The seniors were given graduation caps and gifts. A video was played for the seniors showing the pictures of the graduating students. Snacks were given. Political Science department farewell was in room no. 304. Juniors greeted the seniors with the line ‘we came as strangers but we live as friends’. Shields and titles were given to the seniors. Snacks like donuts and pizza was also given. The economics department farewell started with cutting the cake and speech was given by the graduating students. Dance and song performances were given by first and second year students. Video was shown to the seniors which was made on them.

Geography department farewell was given in room 209.Songs performances was given. Various performances were given which included a group dance and a solo dance by a second year student. Titles were given to the students. Sanskrit department farewell was a little different from the others. The room 118 was decorated in a traditional manner. Every graduating student and even the second year students were wearing sarees.Gifts and cards were given to the seniors. The university 3rd topper of the Sanskrit department recalls her story of how she wanted to study in the college and how getting admission in Miranda House was a dream come true for her.

At the end of the party the seniors were seen clicking their pics with their friends so that they can look back at these days of their life and cherish some of the last moments spent in the college. This farewell party bids goodbye to all the graduating students and wishes them luck for the future adventures to come in their life.


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I am Medha, 1st year Geography (H) student of Miranda House. I love reading and have read numerous books ranging from science fiction ones by Isaac Asimov to the classics of Jane Austen and Jules Verne to the crime ones by Agatha Christie. Books, for me, are like doors to help me escape from the monotonous life, take me away to far off places and towards a life far beyond this to the unimaginable world which nothing is impossible and unachievable. They inspire me. Travelling is my passion and I always prefer to go out and have some fun rather than to stay at home glued to the TV Screen. ‘The journey to the centre of the earth’ by Jules Verne inspires me everyday to undertake journeys around the globe and explore new places.

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