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When some of the core members of the Saras Prayas team squatted together chirping about the myriad shortcomings and mishaps that encircle us, in a lighter vein, sipping coffee and pulling each other’s legs simultaneously; none had the preordained thoughts that the gist of the conversation would lead to the birth of Saras Prayas. ‘Saras’ is a Gujarati word meaning good and ‘Prayas’ hails from Hindi signifying try, hence, epitomising the NGO’s motive to give a ‘good try’ towards the development of socially deprived kids living in several slums of the city, Delhi.

 The numerous confrontations and confessions of all the members reflected the infuriation and dismay that all of us have to face , whenever we pass by a homeless child strolling on road, a child hunting for his future’s scraps in the filth, a child rolling over his sleeves to work in a construction site and so on.

 Hence, the inevitable was at the doorstep. We were ‘The Chosen Ones’ to act as a launching pad to send our youth into the orbit layered with self-belief, driven by passion and enhanced by their exotic personalities by the means of:


  • Theatre workshops
  • Art and craft classes
  • ‘Go green’ initiative

 When the discussion trailed towards the frailties in the society that quite impeccably obliterate the socially deprived kids, and then the members thought of channelizing their aggression towards the defunct system by setting up the organisation after brooding over it cognitively. The thought initially left the members bamboozled but then they assembled their wits to chart out the events and their prime goals because the time is always right to do what is right.

 The theatre plays/workshops are panned out to offer the young and belligerent kids with a podium that liberates them to shed off their inhibitions and express themselves more freely. The art and craft workshops dwell on the thought of channelizing the innovative dogged adherence that every child is blessed with. To enliven ourselves in serene and rejuvenating ambience, we have also worked laboriously to ensure that ‘green’ turns into the new ‘pink’ and the new ‘blue’.

 Among the various events that we have covered since the inception of the NGO in 2012, the highlights are: the divine food (langar seva) which was poised at Shukaratal,Uttar Pradesh; play on ‘The Dark Side Of Mahabharata’; dance competition that acted as a confluence of sheer skills and dedication castling away the bastions among kids of caste, creed and colour.

 The members of the team just hope to envisage the zest and zeal of working as a part of one big family to scrape off the weaknesses of the society that stoops young kids low on morale and confidence, lays emphasis only on the mainstream syllabus in schools leaving them devoid of any practical knowledge about the world and much more. For further details and joining the movement, log on to


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