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Salvation at last: Blood Donation Camp at Sri Aurobindo College

Written by Ishaan Sengupta
The Salvation Society of Sri Aurobindo College in association with the Rotaract club, organised a blood donation camp in the college campus today. The event started from 10 am in the morning and persisted till 4:30 in the evening. The event included a Nukkad Natak on the importance of blood donation,which was performed by the students of the Salvation Society and was well received by the whole crowd. The blood donaton camp itself was a huge success with a staggering amount of 108 units of blood which exceeds last years efforts of only 32 units. The Salvation Society of the college derives its inspiration from the Art of Living Organisation and has been conducting various social service events in the college campus. Its a shame that such activities have never been recognised by other newspapers before. The Rotaract Club entered with its doctors and equipments in their bus which was parked right in front of the main building of the college. The event itself took place in the same premisis and was carried out with splendid organisation. biscuits and milk were provided to the students after they had donated their blood. Sahil Pahuja, the Founder of the society mentioned,” There is a huge misconception about donating blood. That is precisely why we performed our Nukkad Natak. We heard some students say ‘Arey Yaar Hum to Patle Hain, Hum Kya Khoon Denge’. They do not understand the difference between being underweight and and being skinny. The doctors performed their requisites tremendously well and medical help was available to people who were feeling sick. The Volunteers made sure that all the food items were dispersed in the most correct way possible. The Salvation Society


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