Rules To Feminism

Written by Siwangi Ronjan

Our Indian society, a heritage as old as times, the largest spreadout of culture, spiritualism, knowledge, and a great and glorious past lingering in the air but there were some flaws and one of the flaw  that I thought of arising is the partiality between men and women that took place from time memorial. Our society set some unbreakable stereotypes that we women are still unable to breakthrough. We were provided with a list of what things we should do and what we should not, to be more precise we were banned from certain things without even providing us with a single hint of our crime to be imposed by such heinous restrictions.

I, to be very frank and honest, have a huge problem with how our society works because we people are unable to accept change. You will see if one person analyzes the fact and tries to step up for a cause a whole swarm of fellas will flock to that guy pawing their claws at him. People will start criticizing him, news channels will highlight his deed and debates will take place among certain people who think of themselves as more intelligent than others. Why this hullabaloo does suddenly take place? The answer is we are unable to cope up with the pressure that the man’s act of change has stirred in the society. We want to stay undisturbed in that same pathetic bubble which the society has marked as the so called ‘comfort zone’ and which we people follow dim- wittedly.

But it’s a high time now for PINK to breakthrough these bondages, to do what we want to do not what society governs us to do. These bondages have always cut down our wings and trapped us but now the time has come to regrow our wings, break the rules, soar high in the sky and find our own paradise.

We women always knew somewhere in our hearts that this patriarchal society has been and is being unfair but we were not brave enough to step up and take control but this era has finally provided us the moment in which the ‘Rules to feminism’ has to and will dissolve.

In the end I would like to wrap the box with one ribbon which signifies freedom in my language and conclude the fact that if we want to be happy then we and only we have to take the initiative to make ourselves happy. Happiness is finally our fate now and I will break every rule possible to find and be in my paradise.


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