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Rolling Back FYUP Puts Students in a Fix

Rolling Back FYUP Delhi University Admissions 2014
Written by Kanika Sachdeva

The FYUP (Four Year Undergraduate Programme) has been opposed ever since it was introduced. Several students and teachers opposed this change as well as organizations like AISA, DUTA, NSUI and ABVP initiated a lot of protests. But nothing happened! Suddenly one year after its introduction, UGC came into action and directed DU to roll FYUP back. BJP promised to roll back FYUP by adding it to their manifesto but soon after coming into power, BJP said “Sorry, we can’t help it because we don’t have control over DU as it is an autonomous organization”. And after this, the war between DU and UGC flamed. But in this game of dirty politics, the career of more than one lakh students is at stake.

The question of prime importance is ‘How will the decision of rolling back FYUP affect the students?’

The batch of 2013-14 is better perceived as a batch of guinea pigs. The first experiment conducted on this batch was the CCE (Continuous and Comprehensive Evaluation) pattern in school and the second one is FYUP in college. These students have already spent one year under FYUP. Many new courses were started in DU keeping in mind the four year system. BMS (Bachelor of Management Studies) and B.Tech courses were initiated in DU under FYUP. If FYUP is replaced by the three year system, then the problem is in the continuation of these courses. Moreover all the students enrolled under FYUP have studied 7 Foundation courses, 1 Applied Course and 4 Discipline Courses in their first year. If FYUP is rolled back, the hard work put in first year by these students will go to waste because they have spent majority of their time on Foundation Courses. If three year system returns, the burden on these students in terms of syllabus will increase in the forthcoming years.

Apart from these students, the students who want to take admission in DU are in a fix because of the FYUP controversy. These students are still not aware whether they will be given admission under FYUP or the conventional three year system. The cutoffs were supposed to be released on 24th July but now that the communication with respect to this change is not clear since colleges are not able to issue their respective cutoffs on time. Colleges are also confused with respect to the courses they can offer and also the number of seats under each course. The battle between UGC and DU is harming interests of more than a few.

This is a shame for our country that even education has fallen prey to the vicious circle of politics. Every student has one question to ask, “What was UGC doing for the past one year when everyone was protesting against FYUP?”


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