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The Road Less Travelled- Studying Philosophy Honours

The Road Less Travelled- Studying Philosophy honurs DU Khabar
Written by Madhur Khetrapal

Delhi University is popular for many subjects but philosophy is not one of them. It is the kind of subject which receives reactions such as – “Number nahi mile hongey isliye philosophy padh rahi/raha hain”. The truth is that majority of the students do stumble upon this subject due to the aforementioned reason. But what people do not realise is that philosophy is a subject that can actually transform the way you look at things.

It was not my first preference either, but I am glad to study such a subject. This lesser known subject has taught me more in one year than any other subject I studied in school. When I decided to study it, I was faced with so much uncertainty from my family and friends, who till date think that studying the much more popular subjects-‘psychology’ or ‘sociology’ is good. But my mother supported my decision to study it even when I was having second thoughts about it. She understood that philosophy is about such relatable issues that it actually changes ones mindset. It helps you look at things subjectively and from all the angles before making a decision. For those who think that it’s one of those subjects that turn you into a life coach who conducts seminars to transform your life, sorry to burst your bubble but it is about much more you can fathom.

What exactly this subject entails was the question with which we pestered our teachers initially. We slowly understood that it cannot be defined and cannot be molded into a perfect structure like most other subjects. It is about everything but most importantly it teaches you so much about relatable topics such as relationships, the universe, terrorism and much more. In a year’s time, I have started thinking differently. I have understood that words mean so many different things and we use them with so much ease without realising the magnitude of what we are saying. I clearly remember, on the day of orientation, one of my teacher told me that in a few months we will think before using certain words, and I only understood this after completing my first semester.

For those who think that philosophy will not lead to any viable career, you should know that the kinds of things we are taught while studying it are valuable in innumerable fields. Philosophy graduates have pursued careers in fields such as law, medicine and even mathematics. Plenty of entrance exams include a paper on logic which is a sub division of philosophy.

Give the subject a chance! When you are at the junction of choosing a subject to study, choose the road less travelled and study Philosophy. I can guarantee that you will learn so much from it, and will not regret your decision.


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Madhur Khetrapal

I am a philosophy student at Miranda House. Reading, writing and drawing take up most of my time. I am a music junkie and I thoroughly enjoy traveling. As much as I like being around people, I am someone who really cherishes my alone time.

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