Redefining Excellence

Written by Moksh Garg

What it take to become successful? Lots of hard work for sure, but for doing what? Accepting status quo or constantly pushing yourself to do something which is being forced upon you or treading aimlessly because you allow someone else to control your life.

Is this what we refer to as Excellence? If it is so, then it calls for a heavy introspection of oneself. You must aim for gaining recognition. Do I sound contradicting? This is something which is altogether different from whatever has been mentioned so far. Getting respect or attaining recognition in some field or other is one of those things which can’t be quantified. It is not as easy as it seems to be.

Give yourself a second thought! Can the former be achieved without the perfect blend of motivated soul, courage to seek challenges and passion to become limitless? One needs to unchain oneself from societal bondings and all other expectations if they tend to hinder you from your destination. It may sound ascetic but I call it devotion bestowed by one for the goal he/she is aiming at. (The same is mentioned in Bhagavad-Gita also)

These words may sound demotivating to all those who feel contented for the progress tapped so far and have no aspirations to grow and evolve. I encapsulate such beings into single category of “Lifeless” people.

We have been gifted this life to flourish rather than degrading it by remaining stagnated. What if someone says –“I will invent a time-machine”. Hardly anybody could resist their temptation to laugh considering it to be a hypothetical remark made by someone without knowing its feasibility. Known inventors must have been catered with similar response but they contrived to keep themselves busy with their research.

Someone has quoted it right that your dreams aren’t big enough if it doesn’t make other people laugh. Excellence is not bound to cracking civil services exam or getting hired by Microsoft. It is something beyond materialistic pleasures but self-fulfillment.

Why not take up a social cause and excel in a way that you are the one who is enabling deprived people to excel in their prospective lives. Bringing an innocent smile may help you to prosper in greater sense! Just aim big, rest will follow on its own.


About the author

Moksh Garg

Moksh Garg is doing B.M.S from S.S.C.B.S with egalitarian perspective who loves to do things in a proper sequential manner. He is true Clinomaniac who's laziness is eight which becomes infinity as he lays down.One can easily find him roaming in college premises otherwise munching in the college canteen.

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