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Written by DU Khabar

With over 410 students of Delhi University who failed in their Sociology exam in their final year have been lit on fire by the error margin of the teachers who check the papers. These students were in their final year and their entire future depends on how they perform in their under graduation. Failing in one of the main subjects of their Honours courses, will affect them drastically. Even so, Delhi University has failed a large number of students which seems to be impossible considering the fact that most of them were expecting goods marks, and didn’t ever it cross their mind that they would fail.

The aggrieved students on Tuesday protested for the second day at the office of the Dean of Students’ Welfare (DSW) on Tuesday, alleging discrepancies in result and seeking his intervention into the issue.

As a consequence, a large number of students have been applying for re-evaluation of their answer sheets. Seeing the anger among the students, and the volume in which the students are applying for this evaluation, DU has also decided that the students will not be charged a fee of Rs 1000 for re-evaluation.

The Representatives hold their ground by saying that they are looking into the matter and the major cause of having such a large number of failures, not only in Sociology, but also in other subjects like History Honours, Economics etc. Yet the final year students, are not convinced, as they have to apply to other universities for higher education, or even for a job. And, because of delay in finding the exact problem and its suitable solution, these students might lose some opportunity.

This year the evaluation of the answer sheets has not only affected the final year students, but also the Second year students, as many students have not been able to score as much as they were expecting. As the issues of final year students seems to be more severe, no teacher’s body is giving attention to the chaos among the second year students.


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