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Racial Discrimination: Rising Culture of India (R.I.P. Nido Tania)

Racial Discrimination India DU khabar
Written by Saksham Chauhan

An 18 years old boy brutally murdered to death by group of delhites who passed sarcastic racial comments – accused him of being a ‘chinki’ or Chinese though he was a bonafide citizen of INDIA. This event of discrimination on racial grounds has crossed all heights of innocence and cannot be forgiven and forgotten; it has once again raised concerns over the security of students from the north-east in the Capital. The main cause of this fight was his crimson coloured hair that made the shopkeeper giggle and victimized him by passing intrusive comments. In this present era where we talk about development and with a wide strike of a blowing hurricane of western culture attacking us everyday… is it justified to laugh on someone having red, blue or green hair or if they have a different accent of language and so on. Is it justified to point out someone and discriminate him/her on racial backgrounds????

Ethnic discrimination on the basis of caste, creed and gender tends to develop in our blood (-of human race). This has been going on for a long time and now the time has come to punctuate a FULL STOP on these events of racial discrimination. It’s high time to open up your eyes people. Wake up and change your habits. There have been evidences of discrimination in almost every territory of INDIA as well as the world. The northern and the southern citizens criticize each other of being a Hindi wala or a madrasi irrespective of whichever states; The Sikh people are called as ‘panju’, the north eastern citizens are criminally accused of being ‘Chinese’ and chinki , the residents of Madhya Pradesh and Chhattisgarh are called jungli…Muslim community as a whole is tagged as ‘mullah’. But still they happen to be Indians.

Though the above mentioned people are citizens of India but still they are being called out different names instead of being called as a citizen of India. How would you feel if u  were also being racially abused everyday and every night….on every nook and corner of the city where you stroll, makes you uncomfortable and thousands of eyes watching you as if you were a rapist or a criminal and makes you realize that you have done something wrong; when your motherland becomes a foreign country to you and you are treated as a guest from outside India; who has taken thousands of rupees in debt from these people…This would make each drop of my blood to scorch in. These people feel the same when you discriminated any of the above mentioned people…even they have a blood that is red in colour. Even they have a heart that beats with a patriotic melody – INDIA.

India is a secular country, but the Fraternity and national integrity of India is as at its verge if we go on dividing our country into various sects of races. This would ultimately lead to us to an anarchical situation that USSR faced a decade ago. So stop this racial division and let us collaborate into a single unified country free from all racial adversities and find a cure to this disease called racism .let us live with a passion of brotherhood and liberate ourselves from racist comment and make it as our moral duty to ban and erase such stupid thoughts from our brain. Let us all pledge that we will take all necessary actions to stop such activities that hinder the development of India.

Mark a full stop on all these events so that next time no son of India dies with this disease of racism and let us learn from this mistake that in future no such Nido would be made to feel a foreigner in his own motherland.



(photo credits:http://students.ubc.ca/)


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Saksham Chauhan

a student of first year b.sc chemistry (hons) from kmc, Delhi University. My favourite hangout place is the Asoka lawn at kmc and mc’d behind my college and not to forget our college’s Audi steps (auditorium steps)..........and the basketball court................coz u can never find me sitting inside a class room............o_0.....!!!!

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