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QUAESTUS 2016 – Economics department fest of ARSD College

ARSD Economics
Written by DU Khabar

Day 1: 1st March
Inaugural Guest Lecture (1st March, 10:00 pm)

Cogito Ergo Sum: The Debate (1st March, 1.00 pm)
“This house believes that the ongoing cultural war in our country has a detrimental
effect on its economic growth.”
Participation will be in a team of two, one against the motion other for the motion.
Each speaker will get 3+1 minutes, followed by interjections from the audience.
Venue: Seminar room
Contact: Sadiya Akhtar (91+9560023981)

Ad-Valerom (Ad-Mad) (1st March, 12:30 pm)
Do you have what it takes to sell products? Then you are in for a lot of fun at Ad-
Valorem! The event will consist of two rounds. Participants will be judged on:
creativity, spontaneity, originality and presentation.
Venue: Room no.8
Contact: Zerlish Mehek (+91-9654415122)
Ankita Khurana (+91-8588060748)

Seasons Football (Auction) (1st March, 12:30pm)
Ever dreamt of managing your own football team? Unleash the bidder in you in
QUAESTUS 2016!! Each participating team shall be given a budget to buy its players.
The final objective is to own football team at the end of the game, given all the
financial constraints and twist that unfold thereon.
Venue: Room no.19
Contact: Mayank Ranjan (+91-9015039741)
Namrata Kukreja (91-8802285936)

Day 2: 2nd March
Paper Presentation (2nd March, 10.30am)
This event calls upon participation to present their innovative ideas in an interactive
PowerPoint along with their paper on any current theme. The duration of the
presentation should be 10+2 where 10 minutes are allotted to speaking and 2
minutes to interjections. A warning bell will be rung after 9 minutes of speaking.
Venue: Seminar Room
Contact: Nikita Mishra (+91-8800754407)

Encuesta: The Quiz (2nd March, 12.30pm)
This event has all the ingredients of a fast paced general quiz. It will consist of
preliminary round followed by the selection of teams for the other rounds. Students
are invited to register in a team of two.
Venue: Room no.8
Contact: Shefali Chib (+91-9899660913)

Satya Anveshi 2: Murder Mystery 2 (2nd March, 10.00am)
This event promises to be an exhilarating quest for clues, the ultimate battle for
truth. Experience an unparalleled adrenaline rush; Sorting through hints and maps
hidden all across South Campus, with eyes set upon the actual murderer.
Contact: Meghna Mishra (+91-9650659707)
Vandita Taneja (+91-9868520693)

Bringo: Brand Wars (2nd March, 12:30pm)
An amalgamation of luck and knowledge QUAESTUS brings to you a remixed version
of the old tambola but with a twist!! Teams shall consist of two members each. Cross
college teams are also allowed.
Venue: Room no.19
Contact: Punya Bhola (+91-8375887877)
Aishwarya Saxena (+91-981219374)

If all that doesn’t whet your appetite – we’ve got more. Participate in a variety of our
informal games and win our exciting prizes!!
Prizes worth more than 2.5 lakhs are waiting to be won at Quaestus 2016. More
details about the same will be released on our website and Facebook page soon.
To register contact the respective event heads.


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