Preity Zinta vs Ness Wadia

Preity Zinta and Ness Wadia women rights rape case
Written by Deepali Aggarwal

 The Bollywood actress Preity Zinta has accused Ness Wadia of abusing and threatening her during an IPL match between Kings XVI Punjab and Chennai Super Kings at the Wankhede stadium on May 30. Preity had filed a police complaint on June 12 for the same but Wadia claims these allegations as baseless. Preity and Wadia ended their five-year-old relationship a few years back but continued to share business interests. Preity Zinta on 24th June’14 Tuesday was at Mumbai’s Wankhede stadium evening as the police recorded her supplementary statement in the case against her former boyfriend Ness Wadia. According to the police, Preity has named 14 witnesses, whose statements will also be recorded soon. This case makes all of us think that if even a famous actress is not safe then what is the plight of common women in our society? Today in this so called modern world women are exploring and proving their metal in almost every field whether it is industry, banking, science or creativity. But in this path of development and self reliance they are continuously ill-treated by some of their male counterparts.
Nearly a century on, there has been progress on women’s rights at work, and many more women are working.  But still women at workplace face several problems. One of the major problems is unequal treatment. Women are neither paid equally nor give equal opportunities to grow.  For instance, In Bollywood more emphasis is laid on making the actress look picture perfect than on enhancing her acting skills.  But slowly and gradually actresses like Vidya Balan are making their stand and making the society know that they are more than mere showpieces.  But much still remains to be done to achieve full gender equality at the workplace, while recognizing the multiple roles women play in our societies.
 Sexual harassment is another problem faced by women. This breaks a woman emotionally and mentally. But today those days have gone when women used to bear all the injustice silently but still many are not able to gather courage and raise voice against these crimes because of lack of family support or lack of resources. Also the legal mechanism cannot help in curbing these sought of crimes alone until the overall mentality and attitude of people change.
If the outlook of people towards women does not change then this problem will persist and eat up our society. Both the genders need to be taught from the very elementary level that they are equal and they should and need to raise their voice against any injustice. The wrongdoers need to learn that women are also humans and have a right of equality, respect and freedom


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