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Prachi Garg - Ecell Miranda House
Written by DU Khabar

The author of “Super Women” has proved her knack at being a ‘Superwoman’ herself. An alumnus of the Department of Computer Science at Miranda House addressed the students during an interactive session. Prachi Garg, with her indomitable spirit and an unflinching attitude has constructed her entrepreneurial milieu by taking stalwart decisions for an idiosyncratic career. She shared inspiring stories from her life at a seminar conducted by The Entrepreneurship Cell of the college.

She began with questioning the very concept of women entrepreneurship, as opposed to the absence of male entrepreneurship, as connotations. She believes that Indian women are entrepreneurs by birth and as they grow up, they inculcate the power of multitasking and give true indications of being prospective business-persons.

Her thoughts were out of the box, making all the difference. She broke the conventional shackles by launching a travel website “ghoomophiro.com” back in her college days. In the initial stages of her business, a very interesting challenge she faced was – Ladki travel agency kaise chalayegi (how will a girl run a travel agency on her own?). She shot back at this by nurturing her idea like a baby and has turned the stumbling blocks on her way to milestones for success. Today, she has extended her start up by adding a spice of feminism by arranging ‘all-women trips’. She personally sets an example by travelling with her sister to various parts of India.

As a technology enthusiast, she pointed out the significance of digital media in today’s era and that students should keep themselves updated about the recent technological development and innovations. She believes that each one of us should be able to use technology to our benefit. She also discussed about a major hindrance that women face, i.e. lack of financial independence and societal pressure. Prachi pointed out the gender bias in India whereby women face lack of empowerment and decision making abilities in their own houses which eventually acts as a silent killer of their innate entrepreneurship spirit. However, she believes that despite the high expectations from women as daughters, daughter in laws, wives, mothers, we as women can achieve our goals by keeping a perfect balance. Women entrepreneurs can opt to work from home and prove their mettle in their chosen field of work. In the end, it all depends on our own zeal and enthusiasm towards our vision and mission.

This young women entrepreneur also highlighted the significance of ‘Financial Literacy’ which refers to the set of skills and knowledge that allows an individual to make informed and effective decisions with all their financial resources. She laid importance on inculcating the habit of savings right from a tender age as it helps in the long run. She also illustrated the fact that investing in yourselves is the best investment you will ever make. It will not only improve your own life but will tremendously improve the life of others around you.. She also told us about the significance of keeping an optimistic approach towards life as optimism is one such virtue which helps us bridge the gap between ability and expectations. Well, according to her for a married woman entrepreneur – ‘ It’s all about striking the right balance.’

At the end of the day, though, the Indian female tends to be ambitious as well as compassionate. It all boils down to the society’s attitude towards women’s ambitions. Does it only want hot ‘fulkas’ or a progressive nation? Prachi Garg has set a beautiful example of being a valuable citizen to a growing community and aspires for a Utopian world with women occupying significant positions in every arena of life.


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