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One Billion People Two Billion Faces

Written by Bitasta Ray

Can anybody tell me what a country is..??Do you remember the first line of our pledge-INDIA IS MY COUNTRY…But what actually a country is..??

Is it a book, something of mockery or chemistry, geography, maths…what it is..?

Actually this means something what we generally lack-Unity. Country is a man standing beside a man.

In which country do we live…let’s see..!!

There are many infants, one like Joseph, who was left in this world to fight for his own need. The child didn’t knew who his father was, mother gone to find a job and her little elder sister tries to pacify his hungry small stomach by feeding him a cup of water..!!!

And I, we, you drink what not….sometimes milkshake sometimes whiskey and sometimes even blood of some people..!!!

When we think of country one of our obvious answers is Politics: Oh, this politics..! How many life it has taken and how many it will take, nobody knows.

We never think a country as a symbol of love, why..??

It’s because we live in this world just for money, to be superior and not for stupid things like love. In our metro life- Love is only celebrated during Valentine’s Day; the definition of love has evolved.

Many people are still there who actually live a life…they do not have a craze for money; yes they have craze, a craze for humanity..!! But they have to shut their mouth….just for “humanity” only..!!

On Independence Day or on Republic day we say many ‘high spirited’ words and even second line of the same pledge says- All INDIANS ARE MY BROTHERS AND SISTERS…So now tell me, how a brother can loot his sister’s respect, possession, dignity…!!

How can we live our own brother Joseph on the roads to lick the pavement as for not getting food, lamenting alone…..and here we eat various delicacies.

Are we humans..? Sometimes this question arises in my wicked mind. When nobody is there in a dark room don’t they cry for what they do…AHH Sorry, how would they cry..?? People cry or laugh because they have emotions but these people have turned into stones. They are cable to sell out their emotions even.

Interestingly when boys like Joseph at the traffic signals ask for a rupee from us to treat her mother, we say- these beggars don’t do anything and roam about asking money. But we…we the judicious people, are we ready to give them an honest job..??

And now a very simple question-

What do you expect this child to be..?? Who have been rejected, insulted, thrown out on roads, begging for food begging for life…..

And now comes the answer, this is a country in which we good people live with two billions of faces..!!!

And now comes the answer, this is a country in which we good people live with two billions of faces..!!!



About the author

Bitasta Ray

Heyaaa... I am a very simple girl from a small town/Dhanbad. Having spent two years in Delhi, I can proudly say that I have not let my simplicity get mystified. Being a student of English hons.in Sri Venkateshwara college I always had a keen passion for writing. Apart from this, I also have keen interest in classical forms of Dance, more precisely Bharatnatyam. I am a little introvert by nature, take a little time to open up to people but am equally strong headed and confident about my own opinion and perspectives. Lastly, I am basically a happy go lucky kinda girl and a good friend by heart.

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