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Poaching Paradigm

Written by Shivangi Dwivedi

As per lexicon, poaching is described as an illegal hunt or catch (game or fish) on land that is not one’s own or in contravention of official protection.

In more humane words it is the brutal acts of humans on fellow living beings that slowly stops the blood pumping organ in their bodies to stop beating because these fellow living beings made a mistake of being majestic creatures of this enigmatic planet. It is the reason why there are so many animals being devoured of their lives on a daily basis, the reason why the light of certain species is dying out and the reason why these animals live in constant fear of humans and their acts of viciousness.

Their growls and their prance might be aggressive but their eyes just express a plea for help. They didn’t choose a life of being oppressed; it was handed down to them neatly tied with a bow at the end of a double-barrelled rifle. Maybe we should take a leaf out of our own history and retrospect as to how this may turn out for us. No good has ever come out of demeaning anyone and stealing the numbered breaths of some for the beguilement of the self-proclaimed superior race. If that were in fact true, we wouldn’t be killing animals for medicinal purposes when modern medicine has advanced in leaps and bounds. We wouldn’t be wearing ivory as jewellery and using it for other purposes because we would know the pain it causes the animals.

Poaching of animals is slowly leading to their extinction. The drastic fall in the number of tigers is a recent concern of major wildlife conservation authorities. Apart from that Elephants, lions, rhinoceros, panda are also widely poached to name a few. Beyond the fact that tigers are eaten as a delicacy in some countries, their hide and bones are also used for various purposes. Rhinoceros’ have their horns being cut from them to be used in traditional Chinese medicine leaving them with a gaping wound and nothing to protect themselves with. Elephants are killed just for their tusks and if not killed they are left defenceless without their biggest strength to survive in the wilderness. A few months earlier, 300 elephants were killed with the use of cyanide in Zimbabwe. Such atrocities are becoming a run-of-the-mill incident all over.

What is the lure of these products that compels poachers to disregard the lives of these animals and also humans if they come in the way? It is not uncommon to hear of poachers killing rangers and guards who try to stop them from taking animals. This community, of poachers has become large and extremely organised over time. Within 48 hours they can capture a rhino and have it ready for sale in a different part of the world. Their efficiency should be a warning to the rest of us and the part we play in this hostile web of doom. we need to relinquish our wants of animal products if we want to put a stop to such cruelty against animals. In the end it’s all a game of supply and demand. Let’s curb the demand and turn it into a void so that the supply reaches a dead end. We might not be able to intercept the transportation of poachers or free animals from cages but we can stop being the reason for others to take on that job.

Let’s work towards a planet where we no more pose a threat to the lives of fellow living beings.


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