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The Phase Shift

The Phase Shift,Aayush Das DU Khabar
Written by Aayush Das


Well, everybody has been writing about Arvind Kejriwal lately. There was a time when Sheila Dixit was the only person Delhi knew when it came to the political perch. We weren’t satisfied with her, surely, but we had no other options either. We were stuck between the unacceptable and the absurd. Then one fine morning, AAP comes out of nowhere and turns the political scenario in Delhi upside down. Now we wonder what repercussions this could have in the future. Admit it or not, this time things have gone unpredictable, and that is never a good sign for the existing system. Things could change for good, but there is too much chaos to be countered first.

An old saying goes- In the battle to defeat the monster, sometimes we become the monster ourselves. This one thought raises a big question. The Aam Aadmi Party was established as an instrument to fight corruption. But in this country, the common man isn’t exactly what we could call incorruptible. How does AAP plan to stay clean in that light? It is a system after all, and when it gives you enough power and money, it doesn’t take long for the inferior set of human qualities to come into play. Delhi has seen a period of radical change, but then, we have been a city of change for an eternity. This city has risen and fallen so many times that we are not quite carried away by these sudden tremors in our system. We have learnt that somehow, things tend to settle down to a state of equilibrium. My advice; let us try and ensure that this time, that equilibrium doesn’t stay at corruption and maladministration. If the common man has finally taken charge, it is our job to make sure that the change stays for good!


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Aayush Das

Dynamic and witty- these two words best describe the author. He began writing young, so his prowess with the pen has been very much like the youngster’s character, evolutionary and far-sighted. His writings mainly focus on thought processes of the youth and what goes around in the society.

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