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Personality Development Courses by DU : Short term input, long term output!

Written by Deepali Aggarwal

With the ongoing integration of the world, we are heading towards a cohesive global village, which demands and needs individuals who possess not only academic excellence but also who are confident, motivated, and time efficient. In this regard and concern the Delhi University offers various personality development courses.

These courses can be avail by DU and Non-DU students. They run parallel to the regular courses and are short term. These courses also don’t burn a hole in one’s pocket as they are highly economical, whereas elsewhere one needs to pay a high fee to avail such courses.

The personality development courses help in building one’s confidence. There are various people who are really brainy but tend to loose in the “rat race”  and the cut throat competition because they lack a confident and strong personality. The personality development courses build one’s confidence by engaging him/her in various on the spot practical experiences. Besides building confidence, these courses also help in broadening the mental horizon and outlook. As one undergoes these courses, he/she develop leadership qualities which are highly important in today’s scenario. An individual learns team work, develops courage to take unbeaten tracks and decisions. The personality development courses assist one in evaluating oneself and provide opportunity for introspection. By offering practical experience and various real life situations these courses help people to understand how they react in a particular situation and thereby help in psychological assessment.

There are various people who have the ideas in their minds but are not able to communicate them to others because they lack communication skills. This hindrance in their success path can be removed by such courses. With the help of these courses people not only learn what to say but also learn what not to say at times. Stress is one the problems of modern times which not only deteriorates one’s health but also badly affects the work life and personal life. These courses make an individual learn how to handle stress and come out of it. One of the core reasons of stress is poor time management, this is also taken care by the mentors of the personality courses. They tell people not only how to plan their tasks but also how to do them in a time effective manner.

Thus, these courses make an individual ready to enter in the job world, to earn a living, by preparing them for the group discussions and personal interviews, in which many people face difficulties as they lack a confident and impressive personality. So, we can say that these courses actually give a better shape to a person’s personality by making him/her confident, courageous, and ready for sudden challenges that life throws….   



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