Perfection Is Not An Impression

Written by Siwangi Ronjan

Perfection is something which has always been overrated. People want to be perfect, without understanding the meaning of this loaded word. We seek perfection outside but we forget the most primary thing that during all this seeking and fetching, it’s already present at the core of our soul. The only hurdle that we face in bringing out the gift is ‘the perspective’ that we lack most of the times which results in ignorance .We don’t see things even if its laid in front of our eyes because we are so busy ranting and drowning into our so called misery and unsatisfaction that we miss the things that actually matters and are worth our attention.
              So the bottom-line of this lecture is accepting what we are and most importantly ‘who we are’ because life is not about being perfect; it’s about making mistakes , moving on and telling all those wannabe judges that,
“Hey , at least I took the risk instead of sitting around and mooning”. Life is inadequately provided with resources to impress others but it’s too abundantly provided with little things to impress ourselves. So instead of trying to prove others what you are, try recognizing yourself with what you have because we absolutely don’t need to show others that we are perfect. Everything that nature has created   is perfect in itself and we are the masterpieces of God so we should praise every little detail that is around us instead of seeing flaws as being grateful can make a lot of difference not only around us but also to our being. It’s a cliché when I say this but the statement is the kernel of truth and it’s really upto us whether we want to see our life as half empty or half filled. I say go for the latter because as long as you keep thinking about your life as half empty it will keep appearing as half empty , so instead of drowning into the ocean of inappropriateness and crying a river every time why not try and appreciate little things that take place as sometimes even the littlest things tend to give us some massive happiness that is enough to last a lifetime , the only thing that is required to see that happiness is the perspective to spot it .The moment we will start doing that we will take off in our life.

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