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Orientation KNC Style!

Written by DU Khabar

If the sky-high cutoffs and the stress to get a ‘good’ college wasn’t enough to make the freshers restless, the much awaited first day of the college leaves no stone unturned to bewilder them. However, every college of Delhi University ensures a warm welcome of all the young debutantes looking forward to a thrilling college life. Dotted with lively performances and engaging sessions, the orientation programs provide the freshers a sneak peek into the succeeding three years of their life.

 Kamala Nehru College organized orientation programs for its students with much zeal. It kick-started with a speech delivered by the principal Dr. Minoti Chatterjee, that focused on acquainting the freshers with the glorious tale of Kamala Nehru College and the various rules required to be adhered to. Spiked with humor and candidness the talk was an informative one.

This was followed by enthralling performances by various societies that completely left the new comers awe-struck. Performances by Glitz (The Fashion Society) and Lakshya (The Theater Society) were the talk of the day. The freshers also got a chance to mingle with the seniors.

The freshers were seen to be beaming with joy of welcoming a whole new life. The chaupal and canteen were flooded with the new comers, who couldn’t get enough of the campus, boisterous performances and the hospitality reflected by the seniors. Many were seen gushing about how warmly they were welcomed into the college and how easily they struck friendly conversations with the seniors.

And now, as the classes have commenced in full swing, there is an air of excitement, nervousness and anxiety all around. With the onset of a brand new college life it can only be hoped that the years to come bring about beautiful moments and happy memories for these new comers.


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