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Written by DU Khabar

Readhopper wasn’t an overnight spur off the moment thought but something that was cooked over the years. The seed was planted in several minds at different times that went through the same struggle during the course of their student life. While Marudha and Sumit had to bear the ordeal of public transport in scorching Chennai and Delhi respectively to procure their books; Vivek burned his motorcycle petrol for 4 years in suburban Mumbai to attain his stock. Three individuals who underwent the same problem at different times in different locations joined hands to come up with a simple solution named Readhopper. Options to buy books online or from a brick-and-mortar are ubiquitous but only handful of alternatives when it comes to renting. Renting as a process has always been overlooked during college years which if done well can result in significant cost savings.

Readhopper was launched with a goal is to save you money and make your college book rental experience a pleasant one. Our no-nonsense philosophy means you can order the book(s) you need in three easy steps. You can basically search for your book, choose the rental duration and place an order. The book will be delivered to you in 4-5 days and the return process will be smoothly facilitated once the rental period ends.

Readhopper Dukhabar

 The price of new printed textbooks continues to rise up every year thereby contributing to the overall higher cost of education and hence it’s important now more than ever to consider renting as an alternative.

The popular Computer Networks 5th edition by Tanenbaum that retails for 650 rs can be rented for as low as 163 rs (60 days) and 293 rs (120 days). Although, you pay the deposit equivalent to book’s retail price upfront but the balance is transferred back as soon as the book is returned. Moreover, the 960 page length book will at least cost 250 rs to be photocopied or printed. Besides, the obvious cost benefits, readhopper also reduces your overhead of shelf life once the books become redundant after the semester. launched its beta website in August this year primarily for the New Delhi region and is seeking valuable feedback from

Its initial market to refine and improve its features. Future plans include releasing a new website with additional features and introducing a smartphone app for android and iOS platform.

 The founding team certainly feels strongly about the textbook rental idea whose time has come. And as an introductory offer, readhopper is running a promotional 75% discount for the first 100 customers.

 So why buy when you can rent!


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