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What next to do after 12th board results?

Written by Moksh Garg

The most awaited moment for all those who appeared for their 12th board examinations two months ago will come to an end with announcement of results by CBSE in next few days! This is the high time when most of the students turn perplexed about taking up future course of action, particularly due to half-baked information available to them. However, One must accept the fact that any major decision taken at this point of time can be either highly rewarding or can prove to be fatal from career’s perspective, thus rational decision making is critical to success for upcoming admission season.

For all those who are aspiring to get admission in DU must give themselves a second thought. Nothing to get astonish of, I’m pointing towards the course preference you’re gonna make and the criteria you’re gonna use to shortlist best college among available choices.

Valuing institution more than the subject offered is the most common problem which is being observed among youth. They compare colleges on the basis of their prestige value; thereby ignoring the fact that career gets established along the lines of subject chosen and acknowledgement of college making no substantial difference in the job prospects.

With variety of courses offered under FYUP scheme pose a difficult problem to choose from. Selecting a subject which you’re fond of and giving an ample consideration to the job opportunities in that particular field may help you to curtail down list of all preferred subjects. For e.g. Bachelors in Economics is one of the most demanded courses across DU but requires heavy dedication on the part of students coupled with basic ability to analyze situations and think logically makes it a “difficult” option to pursue! Therefore, one needs to match his/her strengths and weaknesses with the requirements of particular stream while opting for it.

The next big problem faced by students is to make key decision regarding selection of colleges once they are done with selecting particular course. In such a scenario, google comes handy. It is advisable to do whole lot of research regarding the preferred course faculties, distance from home, previous year placement reports etc. Evaluating on such basis will assist you to make best decision.

There are many other personality development courses offered in DU which can be pursued along with regular degrees to enhance your resume and career opportunities.

In addition to this, career counselling by professionals or getting your doubts cleared in Open days currently being organized by DU is another option to make informed choice. One thing should be kept in mind at the same time that it is the inherent capability of an individual which a company looks out for and not the college brand names!


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