DU-Khabar Outstationer's Diary

The Big City

Written by Anushka Bajaj

22nd July,2014

 11 p.m.

Dear Diary,

This morning was more peaceful than yesterday’s as our time tables were still not ready so no classes were scheduled for the day. I continued to sleep till mom rang with the hope that I was in college. But here I was, and like a boss I answered “No classes, ma’am”. And then my mom gave me a nudge of reality by saying “So what! You are no longer in school. Don’t you have your clothes to wash and room to clean? Be quick now!”

So I had to be up by 8:30 and start  with the usual chores like washing, cleaning, bathing etc. At this point I realized the importance of my school days and my home. During school days, we are very much  in the comforts and everything was available even before  we demand  but now even a bucket of water was precious when there’s a deadline.

Besides, that bread butter breakfast also seems heavenly when you get it on your own. But I was also amused by the fact that this is what was going to make me a self-dependent and responsible person.

After that, all ready with my hair tied in a pony and bag on my right shoulder, I started for college. I was at the last floor,  suddenly I remembered to get my entry slip. This made me realize one more thing, “Hail! The invention of elevators”

I reached college at about 10a.m. where I got to know that the forms for library card were available. The thought of having my own library card made me feel like those FBI agents with those cool, shiny identities but when I saw the infinitely long queue my happiness jumped from cloud nine to  the ground floor.  I had no other option than to join other students in the queue. Then came a bolt from the blue that the class was already going on in some room no.19. So when my chance came, I filled the form and ran for my life as I didn’t want to miss my first class. However,it was all in vain as there was nothing more than same old good introductions and general discussions. Being an introvert it was all boring for me as  i was never a kind of person who gets pally with people easily (but exceptions are also there ;).

As we shifted to  a bigger room and many people came, it looked like half of the college was sitting in that room as we are a batch of 150. Again the intro session started but with a different teacher. Listening to those people gave me  an inferiority complex as their interests consisted of so many sports and activities like dancing, singing, debating, etc. were like regular things to them. For me, there was nothing beyond books, especially mathematics and novels and  sometimes sketching also. I had to gather a lot of courage to say a few words at that time but I somehow managed and also gained some attention by saying “I’m one of those girls who don’t talk much.” It was nothing much but it gave me a bit of self-assurance that i was not as big nincompoop as I think. This was not it. There was another learning experience waiting for me that very day. In simple words, picture abhi baaki hai.

When I returned to PG, I was awarded with another trouble that the owner of tiffin service has refused to provide me dinner as he was already up with a lot of orders. So I was all on my own asking people here and there to give me some tiffin service’s number . So after a lot of search, discussions and climbing stairs I had to settle with a service of mediocre rates as at the eleventh hour, there was nothing much I could do.

Overall, it was a trailer of what kind of life I’m going to have in one of the busiest metropolitan cities of India. I learned things, met so many strangers in a day and I was exhausted.


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