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Do We Need a Reserved Education System?

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Written by Apoorva Rajhans

We live in a free country and this freedom is a gift of democracy to us. Our constitution gives us the right to freedom and most importantly the right to exercise this freedom in an equitable manner. At the same time, it is incumbent on the part of the state to ensure equality in all sections of the society.

Reservation system, which was actually designed to uplift the ‘unprivileged classes’, has become a major roadblock to equality. Having implemented this reservation system has helped the downtrodden or not? It can be clearly ascertained from the current scenario that ‘lower classes’ are still discriminated in their daily lives. To uproot casteism, reservation system needs to be eradicated. The Indian society was divided into categories on the basis of their occupations – teaching and preaching (brahmins), kingship and war (kshatriya) and lastly business (vaish), etc. Soon the walls of castes originated and the society divided up.

Newer reservations  are being introduced for different sections, further dividing up the society. It only leads to communal discrimination and conflicts. It is oppressive and does not finds its basis in casteism. It is actually the anti-thesis of a communal living.

Currently as per the government policy, 15% of the students admitted into the institution are to be from the scheduled castes and 7.5% from scheduled tribes. As much as 50% of the students can be from the reserved categories. This clearly means that the actual merit and youth power of India has been reduced to half.

The Mandal Commission was estabilished by the central government in 1979 to identify the socially or economically backard people. But today, almost after 35 years, are these reservations being utilised on the above mentioned factors? The answer is prima facie NO because the benefits are being stolen by the creamy layer only. The scenario has changed of the treatment with the so called ‘backward classes’. The current generation is bound to pay for something that happened 50 years ago.

What is surprising( or should I say, Shocking) is that our constitution is a very reservation friendly one but nowhere the term ‘backward classes’ has been defined! How can reservation be provided for something that has no definition?

There are many economically worse off children belonging to the forward classes but they cannot get the benefit of the system merely because the are from the ‘general category’.

Reservation should be completely based upon the economic conditions of the applicant and nothing else. Our current policies on this issue are only dividing up the society and generating gaps in between them.

When HRD minister Mr. Arjun Singh introduced 27.5% reservation for OBC in centrally funded educational institutes including IIT’s and IIM’s, a petition was moved to the then President and Prime Minister stating that this system will take India back from where she is today! The reservation system had previled in India from the last 50 years but failed to meet its objectives.

Instead of introducing reservation at higher studies, it should be introduced right from the grass root level. When proper education is not provided to those syudents at primary stage itself, it will just be a mock on them to provide it on a subsequent stage. This system is hindering the country’s growth, development and competency in all aspects.

We proudly present ourselves as free, democratic nd sovereign nation but reservation is chaining all these aspects into clutches. Its creating disparity and differences amongst the people.

Our constitution states that every child of the nation has the right to education, but it nowhere states that a child belonging to a backward class has a little more of this right.

Reservation should be provided to those who don’t have food to eat, clothes to wear and home to live in. Undoubtedly, the people who take benefit of this system are in well maintained conditions. The real needy people of ‘backward classes’ won’t be even aware of their rights, let alone utilising them. The process of reservation should be such that it filters the truly economically deprived individuals and bring them all to justice.

What we aimed at, is not what we got!

We need to focus upon helping the economically backward irrespective of their castes. Only thus we can evolve into a better society, a healthier one!


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