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N.E.S.H.W Food Fete

The North Eastern food fete was organized by N.E.S.H.W (North Eastern students’ house for women, Delhi University) on the 8th of feb , 2015 where the students got an opportunity to showcase their culinary skills. The fete offered a perfect platter of authentic delicacies from North eastern states and also other states. Along with the lip smacking cuisines, the event also provided an array of entertainment for its visitors with its stalls stacked with posters, chocolates, hand-made bags and other fun-filled games. Our Honourable VC, Dinesh Singh and his wife’s presence added to the aura of the whole fete who were quite impressed especially with the palmistry and tarot-reading stall. The overwhelming response from the visitors made the event a huge success.

The event- N.E.S.H.W Food Fete, was covered by Sinchita Chaudhary and Dimpy Kashyap. The article was written by Dimpy Kashyap with valuable inputs from Sinchita Chaudhary.


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