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Facebook Famous Pages Dukhabar
Written by Tahira Noor Khan

Are you one of those mouse potatoes who spends a lot of time on facebook and wish it could be more productive and end up all the time just seeing and commenting on your friends pictures or stalking their profiles?
Here comes a relief for you. Facebook could be both productive and fun by liking the pages mentioned below. Here is the list of must like pages on facebook.
They should be the sine qua non for all facebook users. So hurry up and there you go !

1. Knowledge Magazine India

BBC Knowledge is a magazine for young curious minds. It features in depth information on subjects like science, history and nature. Its facebook page is the most easy way to know facts, word meanings, researchers etc in a line or two which will increase your knowledge immensely at the same time, it doesn’t require you to work hard.

2. Brain Pickings

If you are more of an intellectual then this is the perfect page to satiate your brain appetite. It has some of the best anthology of articles on various subjects like creativity, psychology, relationships etc.

3. The Logical Indian

With over two million members, the Logical Indian is India’s fastest growing online community. Started in late 2013 , the high quality of the publication has garnered a cult following among Indian netizens. The Logical Indian focuses on bringing to its readers social issues that often miss the limelight in the traditional media.

4. Word Porn
If you like to read quotes, short stories, share book topics, opinion etc, then this is the page for you. The quotes are short and amazing and a few of them can make you feel that this is the story of your life.

5.Virgin Radio Lebanon

This page on facebook has received over 9 million “LIKES”.A must page for highly intellectual people who savour humourous,quirky as well as sarcastic posts. The posts about HIM and HER ,EX and SEX all at one place can make us feel so relatable.

6. Grammarly

Facebook is the place where you witness some of the most grammatically erroneous statuses and sentences. Exposure to them can screw up your gammar as well. A good grammar is always SEXY and if you want to have one, then hit like button on the grammarly page. It checks your writings for grammar, punctuation and style.

7. Scoop whoop

It’s a quirky page whose articles can bring a smile on your face and at the same time leave you more informed.

8. ZaidAliT

There are times when you are sad and login to your facebook accounts to ward off the gloom. This amazing page with the most funny and realistic videos will throw you into pearls of laughter and change your mood in minutes !

 So guys go and login to your facebook accounts and say to people it isn’t that futile an activity as they think it to be !


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