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On 12th February, one of the leading theatre groups in the country ,the ASMITA THEATRE GROUP presented a play at Hindu College titled AA GAYA AMRITSAR EVAM ANYA KAHANIYAN directed by Arvind Gaur . Asmita theatre group has completed twenty one years of social political significant theatre . The group stands committed to aesthetically artistic , productive and socially relevant theatre . Since its foundation in 1993, Asmita has made its place in the Indian theatre by staging plays of diversified socio – political issues without losing out the mass appeal . The group always takes up the issues concerned with the general public to awaken the audience and providing complete humour on the other hand . For Asmita , theatre has a purpose of taking up contemporary issues and creating a dialogue on the prevailing communal issues . Not only the stage plays , but the theatre group is active in doing street plays on various social issues like corruption , domestic help , drugs , road rage and many more . The group has eighty productions in all and has an average of performing for about eighty nights a year.

The play ‘Amritsar aa gaya evam anya kahaniyan ‘ had eight stories in all for about ten minutes each and all conveyed a social message. These stories limn numerous aspects of human sentiment and showed how relationships are affected by social and political circumstances . The stories started with ‘ Sardarji ‘ written by Khawaja Ahmed Abbas and ‘ Amritsar aa gaya ‘ written by Bhisham Sahni which highlighted the issue of communalism . These stories represented the pre – independent India , struggling through riots and division . It was stupefying to see the resolute , free-spirited youth of that time and the chivalrous and gallant behaviour which those people maintained even in their strenuous times . While the story ‘ Misery ‘ by Anton Chekhhav’s was about the torment and woe one goes through after the expiration of a loved one . Many people from the neighbourhood console the old man at the death of his only son , but as a matter of fact no one was bothered about his pain and anguish . In the end , the old man is seen wailing and bursting out his tears with his horse . The story ‘ Kaash ‘ written by Shilpi Marwaha focuses on the inter – caste marriage . Even today , inspite of the changing social scenario many people are against the concept of marrying in different communities . It is high time people must understand that marriage is all about coming together of two souls irrespective of the social background and class . The story ‘ Purity ‘ highlighted the hypocrisy that exists between man woman relationship . Gender equality does not mean that men and women are the same but giving equal rights , respect and treatment to both . The society should refrain from blaming the girls for every misfortune that occurs . The play ended with Shilpi Marwaha’s ‘ Apratyaksh ‘ which shows the insensitivity of the society towards transgender . The society should open up their minds and accept them like the normal human beings and give equal treatment .The story exquisitely portrayed love has no boundaries . It is the inner beauty which matters and nothing else .

             The director Arvind Gaur addressed the spectators in the end with his enthusiastic mind which ignited a desire in the audience to strive for better. He requested everyone to think over every story that was performed on the stage . He also said that the students being the future of the nation should broaden the periphery of their thinking. The youth being exposed to so many realities of life should now aim to bring about the change in themselves and society. Only then can our nation develop and progress .


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