DU Khabar
Written by Dhanishtha Anand
When you’re happy, positivity cuddles you. You know what you want. The journey isn’t obscure then. You quickly think about all the motivating articles that got you here. You think about all the good that has happened to you in the near past and cross your fingers for a pleasant future. But, life isn’t so fair. You don’t always get what you want. You have the ”GREENS” and you have the ”BLUES”. A movie may not always have a perfect and predictable end. BEWARE, THE VILLAIN MAY TRICK YOU. Consolation then follows failure. Sympathy and success, though, starting with the same alphabet, are the most distasteful replacement. Failure further leads to intoxication. In my case, my drugs were books. I was never a person who could grab a book for past time. I would prefer to sleep. But, the beauty is seen when eyes parts slumber. I had this habit of reading, though, not extensively, limited to the genre i liked. It was a week ago that my eyes caught this real thin book – THE ALCHEMIST squeezed in my book shelf. I learnt that Mark Twin was; indeed, true in his word- ” A person who does not read good books has no advantage over the man who can’t read them.”
As i flipped every leaf, my curiosity and compatibility grew. I was welcomed to a different world that didn’t talk about compassionate lovers or human relations, but that dealt with ” THE SECRETS OF DESTINY”. It convinced me that Bollywood movies, though, most of the times portrayed as illogical, do have some sense in them. You need not be a millionaire to live your dream. The point first lies in the audacity of at least visualizing your dream. People have this inability to choose their destiny, of actualizing what they want out of their lives and of themselves, ending up, becoming mere puppets of fate. Once you have succeeded in discovering your destiny, then you just have it, this drive works to get it for you. I know my words may seem vague to you, but when you’ll experience it, you’ll know what i want to convey. You’ll start observing the OMENS. The beauty of such books is when you go through them, you are transported to a new world altogether. You are confined yet contented. These books help you get over your lowered self-esteem. They make you believe that, though, land and sky may seem to meet at the horizon, they don’t really meet but reach out to infinity that grass isn’t always greener the other side, that expecting at times is fruitful, that mirage exists, and, that miracles happen.
I have realized that at times failures are, indeed, stepping stones to success. The desperation that it carries with itself, strives you to slog. Until you experience such a phase, you wouldn’t get the real taste of success.


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