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Moksha Ended up with heart-touching performances!

Shaan NSIT Moksha
Written by DU Khabar

Sometimes a little festive zest, a little enthusiastic fervour, a little break from the mundaneness of life is all that we need to break free from the chains of drudgery that is engineering and the ever-mounting pressure of exhausting clockwork of lab files, assignments and semester exams.

So, as NSIT woke up to beautifully windy skies with the hint of drizzle and the drenched green, it seemed as if God himself had laid the stage for the best Moksha ever and indeed it was- be it the thumping, peppy dance numbers by the ever-gorgeous Elektrovertz or the crazy EDM music belted by Tomorrowland, or even the romantic interludes  against the backdrop of a live Shaan performance- the fest had something for everyone!

The highlight of an year that is mainly dotted with academic ventures, Moksha and Innovision ’16 kick started on day zero with the inauguration ceremony by Manish Sisodia, the Deputy Chief Minister of Delhi.

The evening of 10th of March witnessed an hour long show hosted by two of the members of the online entertainment group, The Viral Fever – Arunabh Kumar, the founder himself, better known as Yogi and Naveen Kasturia, better known as Naveen itself. It was a delight to watch them on the stage live after having watched them for a long time on our computer screens.

This was followed by a night of peppy dance numbers by DJs Lost Stories, Aceaxe and Zaeden of Felicity who set the tone for the days to follow.

While the mere mention of Tomorrowland sends many into gushing with adrenaline, NSIT’s EDM fans were in for a treat on the night of 11th March, 2016. Every Indian college takes pride in their international performers, this time NSIT roped in DJs from Tomorrowland straight from Belgium, a haven for EDM enthusiasts. The hot and happening DJ duo, Elecktrovertz, set the ‘bass’ as deep as the night went on 11th. The female duo-Nina Shah and Mallika Hayden- enthralled the crowd with their electrifying mixes, matching the rhythm of the thunderous weather. Next up, DJ Makasi, the French artist hailing of Tomorrowland fame further mesmerized his EDM fans with famous remixes of tracks like Boom and Lean On.

One of the most experienced and unique comedians in the country, Abish Mathew had the crowd at in splits with his bold and daring brand of humor.  In an act littered with youth oriented jokes, silent one man sketches and other fun elements, he wowed the students with his jokes, and interacted with his fans leaving everybody wanting for more!

Moksha ’16 came to a grand end with a heart-touching performance by Shaan which tugged at the heartstrings of all concertgoers and took them down the memory lane. The students were thoroughly enthralled and enraptured  by his songs and the festive, romantic tinge in the air.  It seemed as if the Moksha ground was one large dance floor and one could feel the thumping of the ground. All-in-all, everyone had the time of their lives and eagerly await Moksha 2k17.


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