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Mock Indian Parliament Session – Sri Venkateswara College

Venky Mock Indian Parliament DUKhabar
Written by DU Khabar

Ever thought over issues plaguing the nation? Wanted to voice your opinion in the matters concerning your nation? Ever pondered over how the politicians work and frame policies? If yes, then this is the ultimate opportunity to be that, what you wanted to be. The House of Commons Society of Sri Venkateswara College takes pride to invite you to it’s second edition of Mock Indian Parliament Session.

With an overwhelming group of participants right in it’s debut Mock Parliament Session, VMIPS has made it through the group of some of the best Mock Indian Parliament Sessions held across the nation. The memories of the invigorating deliberation on the Uniform Civil Code remains fresh in our minds. Keeping that in mind, the House of Commons Society takes care of the minutest of things to be perfect in its second edition. The Second Mock Indian Parliament promises to break it’s previous record because this time it is getting bigger and better. The session would be inaugurated by one of the Members of Parliament of the Government of India; which would be followed by an interactive session with her/ him. The name of the Member of Parliament will not be unveiled now as says the team HOCSOC.

Education is not simply mugging up the books. Education is not just limiting yourself to the branch you are studying. Education is, to take a firm stand on what you think is right. Education is to learn something new and new things can only be learnt when you grab the opportunities coming your way. So grab the best of opportunities and be educated. At the threshold of ignorance lies apathy and where apathy lies, the world remains an eternal rut. It’s high time that we combat this rut. Take a step forward and let the world know that you no more remain a ‘mute spectator’ . Blaming others is much more easier than planning how to curb them. Anyone and everyone can blame. It takes nothing to blame others. But only a few people dare to make a change. Be amongst the few. Be the change.”

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Dates: 30th & 31st January, 1st February

Venue: Sri Venkateswara College

So keep your garbs of deliberation ready!


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