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Misogyny in its True Form

Written by Mansha Dhingra

“ A minor kidnapped and raped ” , “ A fifteen year old molested ” , “ A girl raped by her neighbour ” . A common man wakes up in the morning and almost everyday reads the same headlines in the newspaper. The only thing that differs is the age or the place.  Will there be a day when there will be no sexual harassment case in India ? Should we even hope for a healthy environment and equal treatment for women or the front page of the newspaper will be full of cases like eve-teasing, rapes and molestation .

Recently,a nineteen year old girl in Delhi was murdered in broad daylight  because she was protesting against sexual harassment. She was brutally stabbed thirty five times by two brothers living in her neighbourhood. The incident occurred outside the girl’s home in the afternoon. The girl’s family members have alleged that she was molested by the two brothers earlier.  She had complained to the police end number of times but the police neither took any action nor looked into the matter . On that fateful day,she was returning home after buying groceries from the local market. On her way back, the accused started verbally abusing her and on her objection, she was stabbed to death .Though, several people witnessed the attack, no one came forward to help her, just standing there and watching the whole scene  .She stood against the stalker and eventually had to pay her life.

As darkness descends, the number of women in the streets reduces, women continue to face discomfort in the public spaces and public transport.  Even two years after the horrific gangrape of Nirbhaya, to our utter dismay the condition regarding the women safety remains the same . The important question is, will women of India ever feel safe and secure? Being a student of Delhi University I feel, even the university campus area is not safe for girls. Large sections of the streets are dimly lit and girls are reluctant to step out once it gets dark .The girls fear on being in the campus during the evening and beyond. Especially during the time of elections and fests, lack of security measures force the girls to go home early, sometimes even missing their lectures just to avoid any kind of malformed act. At the time of fests, the entry of students from other universities is not restricted which leads to unwanted crowd thus making it all the more unsafe for girls and difficult for them to attend even their college fests .The fact that students come to colleges from far off places, the university should provide at least the adequate means of transportation. Even though a large number of girls in the University are not the residents of Delhi,most of the colleges do not have a girls’ hostel,which  compromises with their security.

Compulsory installation of GPS in all taxis , increase the number of women drivers in public transport , women driver in every bus ,  mandatory background checks of drivers , twenty four  hour women helpline service and the list is endless . These are the safety measures promised by the politicians and ministers after every terrible rape case. After all, are these promises just enough. After every sexual harassment case ,aggression, protests , candle marches , public with huge banners “ hang the rapist ”- is all this enough ? The answer is a clear NO .Women of India now need a strict law to ensure their safety.  The country has never had the reputation of being safe for women but now it is high time, women should be safe, secure and protected .I being a girl can just hope  that one day I will be able to go out of my house at any time with complete freedom and a sense of security.


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