Delhi University Event Platter Miranda House (W) North Campus

Miranda House: Welcome Freshers 2014-2015!

Written by Shriya Arora

The college’s orientation program began at 9’o clock. The campus was full of new and attractive and nevertheless, enthusiastic faces. The freshers were looking forward to attend the orientation program as it was the first step for their official welcome. All of it began with a small presentation and students were told about the various societies in which they could take part and also about the Bollywood stars and the notable alumnae who have studied from Miranda House. It feels good to be back to college and interact with the freshers. They seemed to be so excited! The Student Council addressed a small motivating speech and told about the level of discipline that had to be maintained. Students were facing a lot of chaos in the college auditorium due to less number of seats and more number of the new comers. Meanwhile, the Indian music society performed a group song for the freshers and kept their spirits high. The program ended with the Principal’s speech and the NSS and NCC society. Principal’s speech witnessed proud statements such as- “No glass ceiling, we hold up high to the sky.” The NSS and NCC societies addressed the students regarding their safety issues they needed to take care of. Students were then asked to report for their respective departmental freshers where they were made to interact with the other classmates, teachers and the seniors. We also witnessed students saying- “We are looking forward for the coming year. College is full of enjoyment. We would love to explore and to maintain good relations with everybody.” Moreover, the foreign students were full of happiness and they loved the environment and of course the very warm welcome given to them. So, with this the first day was over. A new day, a new start and a new life! We hope you enjoy Freshers! And WELCOME TO MIRANDA HOUSE!

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