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Madrigal 2015 – Day 1

Madrigal Day 1
Written by DU Khabar

The colourful and lively decorations in the auditorium and foyer gave way to the positive vibes that set the mood for the day. The Chief Guest for the festival, Dr. Anannya Dasgupta who is best known for her poetry and her blog Daily Riyaaz recited few of her poems. The poems had a touch of reality with a poem on ‘Delhi Metro’ and one, ‘Ode to Delhi’s driver’. The audience enjoyed the poetry reading very much by the chief guest, and the budding poets in the audience surely got to learn a lot from her. The anchor, Vasudha rightly said; ‘Poetry was a way of life.’

Next came, a performance by the Space Theatre Group, that consisted of five women artists who made the audience realise the power that everyone had in themselves. From every little expression the women gave on stage, to the every word they uttered, there was a lot that connected to the heart and made one think about life and the artist in everyone. Someone correctly said, “a child in oneself should be kept alive even when one grows up, and is not referred to as child any longer. That childhood was all about free expression and so should a mature person be able to bring out of himself/herself, that hidden child. Theatre was about that form of free expression.”

The first day had upcoming next, two competitive events that brought the participants from different colleges to compete in debate and Ad-Mad competition. The twist in the Ad-Mad was that, this time the respected teams had to advertise for a given product and in this manner convince the audience to NOT buy the same product. Hence, it was also called the ‘Reverse Ad-Mad’.

The other cultural event for the day was the Ballet performance by the students of the English Department. The name of the Ballet was, ‘Gusto-Era’s-on feet!’ In the ballet, the students danced and acted on the tones of the era’s of literature. Starting with the Pyramus and Thisbe, to The Wife of Bath, Twelfth Night, Rover, Pride and Prejudice to the present age, 2 States; the ballet was another gem to the day!

The day ended with students posing for pictures at the Photo Booth set up in the foyer area. There was excitement and cheer in the atmosphere where everyone cherished the success of the first day of the festival. Drishti, who had a stall for her chocolate brand named ChocOoze greeted everyone with handmade chocolates. This was a day of great learning, for the students of the English Department and for the participants at Madrigal 2015.


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