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Love The Way I Lie

Love Sex Dhoka DUKHABAR
Written by Saurabh Sinha
All romantic movies end with a sensible and unrealistic note, a cool boy fall for an innocent, sweet and beautiful girl. Well now I say it unrealistic because in reality almost all girls today make ardent efforts in dramatizing their facade and sensible because a long-loving relationship continues with a sensible girl. Silver screen has shown us Naina of ‘YJHD’, Meera of ‘Cocktail’ or Nirjara of ‘Tere Naam’ heroes fell for these sweet girls but why don’t our real girls get the obvious idea of being naive enough to make a guy fall for them genuinely. But then they have their body which needs to be decorated to lure boys to their manipulative cobweb of what they phrase ‘love’. ‘Love’ is a mask which is to their vantage of proving their win over stupid boys who go for fakeness rather than reality. There will be girls with more sensibility and sincereness but they won’t be painting their naturalness with loads of argent colours making it more like a picture of beauty lacking charm. A boy should go for her, a plain, serene girl who maintains her august-self, not devouring the beauty providence provided her with. A girl needs to understand the fact that if she plans to capture the soul of a boy for his lifetime then she has to be who she is rather than letting cosmetics to consume her innocence.
To my ‘Gabaru-Jawan’ boys who like being a rustic hunk to impress girls, dear friends you make yourself look ‘despo’. Could you please be decently dressed so that you don’t give out ‘weird signals’ of being on ‘Hunt-Drive’.
No girl will come to you with that attitude, it strikes fear in their heart. Try to be a little gentle and caring so that you make them love you rather than making them fear you.


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