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Lokpal Bill V/S Jan Lokpal

Written by Saksham Chauhan

The citizens of India have always felt the need of a replica or the Indian dramatized version of Swedish ombudsman institution called the “lokpal” to safeguard each and every rights of ours and to erase out the scintillating and vicious scars of corruption from our society. Many Scandinavian countries and New Zealand have developed a pattern for the creation of this institution. With this twin paradox that has marked its birth from ancient times; the need for lokpal was felt a decade ago but in vain…….. No actions were taken against this sceptical and destroying event that each and every one has faced in our daily life and has uprooted our society from the bottoms and has made the existence of the societal development hollow from the central body until recently in 2011 when Sir Anna hazare and Sir Arvind Kejriwal- THE INDIA AGAINST CURROPTION TEAM demanded the formation of the lokpal or the lokayukta. But sooner or later this team was divided into bipartite commonly led by the Anna hazare supporters and the Kejriwalites led by Arvind Kejriwal.

For the redressal of the citizen’s grievances the govt of India suggested the formation of two authorities called the lokpal and the lokayukta……. the main fundamental duty of this body was to deal with the complaints against the ministers and secretaries at the central and state level. Recently the congress under the leadership RAHUL GANDHI passed a bill called LOKPAL bill in the PARLIAMENT OF INDIA for the formation of this body called lokpal. This made Anna hazare quite happy as he finally won the fight after several ANSHANS and protests at the jantar mantar and ram leela ground, NEW DELHI. But still, this bill was referred as JOKEPAL by SIR ARVIND KEJRIWAL. He demanded the formation of an independent body and a constitutional body that would be free to give its decision and would not be under the GOVT OF INDIA and would be free to give its democratic opinion. This body called the “JOKEPAL” would not be able to function in this respective manner. Thus how would it redress your grievances under such a situation if it is being governed by another superior body that makes this so called lokpal dance on its rhythmatic beats. After winning the Delhi legislative council; Arvind kejriwal promised delhiites that a session would be held at the ram leela ground to mark the festive advent of the JAN LOKPAL BILL that would cover the entire demands as mentioned in the manifesto of the AAP (AAM AADMI PARTY) for a free and fair LOKPAL body to be formed in the Delhi constituency.

Each and every citizen of India knows that the need of lokpal is of crucial importance for minimizing these bloods sucking virus of corruption in our system at this present hour. We are also aware of the fact that the lokpal bill passed by the UPA is just a mere DRAMATIC VERSION OF THE JANLOKPAL BILL as proposed by arvind kejriwal. The system has degraded to such an extent that now the only solution or rather the cure to this disease is JANLOKPAL. It must be noted that the people in India are not aware of the facts; of the fundamental principle that stands upon in the governing and the foundation stones of lokpal; the systematic study needs to be fabricated and portrayed in the main stream development of this JANLOKPAL BILL as early as possible because it is high time now…………………now we want a better India……………..??????? and with these signs of corruption ……will we ever become one of the finest…………….

OUR  land was percieved as secular, soverign, social, republic by our forefathers and the most importantly–



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Saksham Chauhan

a student of first year b.sc chemistry (hons) from kmc, Delhi University. My favourite hangout place is the Asoka lawn at kmc and mc’d behind my college and not to forget our college’s Audi steps (auditorium steps)..........and the basketball court................coz u can never find me sitting inside a class room............o_0.....!!!!

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