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Lok Sabha Elections, 2014

Written by Himshikha Mahla

The Delhi Loksabha Elections were held on 10th may 2014. With the election season at its peak, the exhilaration and eagerness among the university students reached new heights. The scenario in the campus is apparently intense as casual conversations take form of heated debates and arguments about whom to choose as the country’s new leader. On being asked that whom did you caste your vote for, Iqra Dehlvi, a first year student says “I did not cast my vote because I see no deserving candidate between a duffer, a bluffer and a muffler.” The freshers being first time voters showed keen interest in the elections. The voter turnout was also reportedly moderate to brisk. Not only the campus area, but the election fever was also high on most of the social networking platforms like Facebook. “My news feed is filled with all sorts of election related stuff ranging from people campaigning for Modi and Congress to my friends posting their selfies on the election day flaunting that blue mark” says Utkarsh Chauhan, 2nd year student from Hindu college ,when asked what kind of atmosphere have elections created around you. With the Lok Sabha elections this year a new set of expectations have been raised among the people especially the younger lot.  These expectations are visible in every nook and corner of the Delhi streets and lanes in the form of taglines ranging from “abki bar modi sarkar” to “is bar jhadoo par hi mohar lagayenge” . Whatever the campaigning strategy be, who emerges victorious among raga, namo and kejriwal is the biggest question that is eating up everyone’s minds . But all that people can do as of now is wait for the results of the elections at 16th May 2014.


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Himshikha Mahla

Hi, I am himshikha mahla. A 1st year student studying history from Hindu college. I am 19. I have a deep interest in writing and art. I love escaping into the worlds I create when I write or draw. I am an aspiring writer and an artist too .. I just need a platform to recognize and express my work and in du khabar I see that platform .

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