My Life On My Terms

My Life On My Terms- Siwangi Ronjan Dukhabar Writer
Written by Siwangi Ronjan

We always curse the fact that we have so many problems in our lives. On seeing our friend or neighbor, we start comparing us with them thinking that their life is more perfect and better. But miss the things they must have gone through to lead the life they are leading at present. We are never contented with what we have. It is natural as there is no definite point existing on this universe, everything is about movement. It is always infinity that exists.

I read a line regarding this context, I do not actually remember where actually I read it but it says “When we throw our problems into a bowl, followed by other people whom we admire the most and wish to have a good life like theirs; then it will be our troubles which we will grab involuntarily”. We should stop looking for and judging what we are not instead we should start searching for ‘ourselves’.

Life is full of surprises and uncertainties always exist. There is this urge of getting more and more, expecting more from our life. I do not have a problem with how it works. It is supposed to work that way but the regret is that we do not understand its importance or when we do it’s too late. It is because we have become a little ignorant while we had the bliss by our side. People talk about intelligence and correct utilization; it is their way of looking over things. I will not say that they are wrong, in fact, they are correct in many ways but what is correct according to me, I shall consider that in my life.

One of the most important things that dawned upon me was that no one knows you better than you. The decisions you take regarding your life or for yourself, always prove to be correct sooner or later. The mistake that I made with myself was that I always knew what I wanted but was never brave enough to accept it. I, like most of the people, followed instead of exploring and then regretted it. We should hold onto our ground and listened to our inner voice. As they say “better late than never”. It is never too late to learn.


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