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So, how is your life after school in DU?

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Written by Sugandha Khirbat
So, how is your life after school in DU?
WELL! I know most of us feel so sad about our schools being over for us. We tend to relate things, compare the college moments with those beautiful moments spent in school. How we used to tease that particular teacher? How we were punished to stand out of the class for the whole day? How we gave surprises to our friends in the class? How we used to dance at a school party? Sigh!“ I know some eyes get moistened, as nostalgia is poisonous.”
Students say that nothing can be like school unless they have had pathetic experiences in their time. I have witnessed my pals crying in the first year, because they have missed their school that badly. They don’t get that stubborn and yet beautiful love of those naughty school friends in college. They don’t get to make strategies in order to get a free period from the boring Social Science class, as here in college; you can just not come and relax at home. When we are in school, we somehow hate those restrictions and the moment we enter college, we start loving those norms because they were actually the main reasons that kept that one class together, the unity, and the foolishness of other classmates. People change a lot; they actually get that class of friends and then elope into a new branded college life. But I know everyone of us out there miss that essence of our school lives, miss those terrible fights with our best friends, and miss those unforgettable school days. I know you must have had a school friend who isn’t in contact now, but you still miss them, just make a call to that friend and I assure you, you will feel beautiful, you will feel satisfied, you will feel good from within. Don’t let time ruin your bonds, which you created with so much of affection.“
Love your school, and just strive to make your college life better and better as, nothing can be like school.”


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Sugandha Khirbat

Often people feel bad about being high on emotions and consider it as something negative, but for me, they are my soul inspiration. My emotions make me write things to which people connect and I connect to their heartbeat.

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