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A Day In The Life Of An Undergrad

Written by Prerna Bidalia

A normal day for an undergraduate student usually begins at 7-7:30, when he/she gets up to get ready for college. The next one and half to two hours is usually spent in traveling, sometimes just missing the metro or the bus by a fraction of a few seconds. Now upon reaching college, here is what most of the undergrads usually do.

The ‘padhakus’ will, like the sincere people that they are, head straight to their classes and sit and cram the day’s lessons. Then comes the ‘popular’ gang of girls and boys who walk into college as though they are some celebrity and everyone should await their arrival. Finally, there comes the group of people into which you and I fall. We slowly waltz into the foyer, search for a corner to sit and wait for our friends to turn up and then when the bell rings, we head to class.

Now lets drive our attention to the class dynamics. The ‘popular’ gang will have one corner that is reserved for them and that is where they will always sit unless and until asked by the teacher to move to some other spot. In my experience I have observed that mostly students do not occupy those particular set of seats reserved for the popular gang.

As you can very well predict the ‘padhakus’  will be the ones who always rush to class so that they may grab the seats right under the nose of the lecturer and then these people start writing away with full speed what the lecturer is saying. Now comes the group comprising of you and me. We will usually try to find a nice, comfortable seat, neither with the backbenchers nor with the ‘padhakus’ and definitely not with the popular clan. People like us will usually be found writing notes but perhaps not with the same amount sincerity as the ‘padhakus’ and sometimes we will be ending up doodling or chatting with friends on our phones or having random conversations on the back page of our notebooks.

After class most of us would head towards the canteen, grab a drink and some snacks and crib about our lecturers and the amount of assignments that we have got to do. Sometimes one may also find people making presentations in the canteen area.

After a rendezvous with the friends in the canteen, most of us head home, trudging along on the bus or on the metro.

And there ends a day in the life of an undergrad.


About the author

Prerna Bidalia

Prerna Bidalia from Sri Venketeswara College, University of Delhi. She is currently a second year, English honours student. She like writing poetry, reading books, mostly fiction and relating to either philosophy or war.

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