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life in making journey du khabar
Written by Saba Nazki

More than a year has passed since I packed my bags for a wonderful journey of living my passion of studying, literature from Delhi University. Apart from the idea of studying at Delhi University, what is immensely mind-boggling is the feeling of living independently in another city, all on your own, just after school.

In The journey from being new in this city of wonders to growing into an independent and confident die-hard ‘delhite’, “we all change”.

Living a daily life, at a city , you never lived before at and that too just after school, for sure sounds adventurous, following it comes  insecurities, discomfort and living the fear of coping with the flavor of a fast ,metro life .

It all starts from waiting for cut-off lists and selecting your course and college of convenience and choice, though it doesn’t work all the time in our favor.From standing in long queues for admission to your first day at college. The feeling of being new and lack of conversation opportunities, to hanging out and laughing loudly and insanely with your buddies in your favorite chilling ‘addas’.

The wonderful daily life of being an outstation DU student – making assignments, late night studies, last night preparations, mid-night Maggie birthday parties and running to an ATM everyday.

I mean do I really, need to work hard to find people who don’t share this mutually accepted feeling of being an outstation student- a journey worth experiencing.

Though we miss home crazily at times, but the new family, we findgive us the most cherished moments for life – your classmates ,friends and the best part- roomies.


No doubt, one feels hated,confused and rejected at times,not forgetting those first-time heart breaks, but as they say, “You break, to rise ,to shine to set to rise again, brighter than before”…..

Though it’s all about being in college, making assignments, working for higher marks, facing heartbreaks,celebrating birthdays and posting love confessions but somehow it turns big – it turns out to be the beginning of a journey with no ends, a life in making.


About the author

Saba Nazki

I am a poet, in all states of my life. In love with food, travel and books and love to try new things. Studying literature,from Delhi university which is my passion.....I want to become an author, and write for the cause of my home land, Srinagar, looking forward to fulfill this dream , through my first book, sooner.Though consider family and friends , real assets but , i am important to myself equally, faith and belief is the key to live life - a real one.

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