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A Letter – To Dad | Daughter

father-daughter relationship dukhabar
Written by Chehak Ahuja

Dear dad,

I am writing to tell about the thoughts that occupy my mind all day and night. I can’t follow what you say. I have a world of mine, a different one but a place where my happiness lies. Let me clarify what this means – I don’t have a boyfriend nor a secret lover but a few friends who care about me. I can’t be defined as a good daughter specifically in accordance with the standards of imbibed purity but I am a simple girl who likes to be dreamy and carefree. I don’t care about what I wear; my clothes don’t define my character or how easy-going I might be but I’m afraid your views about what should be worn do. It’s subtle this understanding of the world. How it defines our relation.

I find it useless to make you understand in what kind of world I live in. Once I tried but I was criticized a hundred times. And apparently people always have meant more for you than your own daughter.yea, I understand the society mechanisms but I wish you could realize that they let your own daughter in low regard and grant her very little value. They said she looks so smart but baat kya hai n here lies the epitome of doubt about the girl’s character ..yes I do drink alcohol..oh ye to sharab bhi peeti hai bigad gyi hai ekdum..and aapki beti aise kaise ho sakti hai?

Kaisi honi chahiye aapki beti?

As soon as I started growing up I’ve always been taught ‘the rules’ and now it is expected of me to excel in them. Ohh for perfect marital prospects..sure!

If only you could perceive my happiness in letting me just myself and not to be groomed to become someone else’s property.

I have seen these men enjoying seeing a women getting drunk with them well they call it open mindedness and light hearted pleasure but when it comes to their own daughters it’s a crime enough to lock her up in a dingy room.

What if I have a boyfriend or I go out on dates with other guys? That would never make me any less than your daughter. If only you could trust me enough to let me be with somebody I love, it would have been pleasure to share his letters with you.

Dad I love you and always will. I will always be your daughter and you will be my father. Nothing less or more. I wish instead of taking me to the places of people you spend your time with, you would have sometimes visited people whom I love or at least tried to know who they were.

I might dream big and engage in talks of following my dreams but I would always like you to guide me and protect me in this world.

Dad I know you, your favorite color, your footsteps, I know where you spend your most of the time. Dad do you know any of the above? Ask yourself. Instead of peeping in my phone I wish you could ask me about the person whom I was talking to.

Never mind dad; I will always be your daughter.

Your little daughter.


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